10 Things You Can Let Go Of Right Now
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Student Life

10 Things You Can Let Go Of Right Now

Things that are not worth your time or your energy.

10 Things You Can Let Go Of Right Now
Imogen Hendricks

1. Guilt at not going to that one spin class three weeks ago.

Give yourself a break and forgive yourself for all the promises you couldn’t keep.

2. The book you started reading 3 years ago but never finished.

Take it off your bedside table. Who needs that kind of pressure staring at you every night before you go to sleep? There are so many good, juicy books out there. Let this one go.

3. Clothes that don’t make you feel fabulous.

You deserve you wear pieces that showcase your inner light. Anything that makes you feel blah can go.

4. Social media accounts that make you feel unworthy or inadequate in any way.

It’s just not necessary. You deserve more than that. Move along.

5. Your dread of waking up after a long, deep sleep.

Find something to look forward to each morning. Your first sip of coffee, sun salutations, stalking your favorite Instagram account’s stories, you name it. Get out of bed and go crush the day.

6. Your anger at the person who just catcalled you.

They don’t deserve your attention, your time, or your energy.

Breathe and let it go.

7. The distractions keeping you from your goals.

Put down Facebook and chase. that. dream.

8. Conceptions of perfection.

Because it simply doesn’t exist outside of a chocolate lava cake.

9. Resentment against yourself for failing at something.

It’s proof that you tried.

Try again.

10. The expectation that you have to be anyone else than who you are now, in this moment.

Strive for improvement, always. But remember that the present is where you live. You are constantly a work in progress and that where you are now is exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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