6 Things You Can Do With Your Other Half During This Winter
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I miss the warm weather but there many things you can still do during the winter.

Ice Skating

Here are a few places to skate in New York:

1. The Rink At Rockefeller Center

2. Tanger Ice Rink in Deer Park

3. Town of Oyster Bay Ice Skating Center

Go Skiing

Here are a few places to ski in New York:

1. For Beginners At Bristol Mountain Ski Resort in Canandaigua

2. Belleayre Mountain Ski Center in Highmount

3. Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Cortland

Watch  Musicals/Plays

Plays You Must Watch:

1. The Lion King

2. Hamilton

3. Radio City Rockettes

Indoor Rock Climbing

Places To Go Indoor Rock Climbing:

1. Island Rock in Plainview

2. Gravity Vault in Melville

3. Steep Rock Bouldering in New York City

Movie Night

Tired of the cold, stay in and watch movies all night. Whether its scary or Christmas movies.

Dinner In Your Home

What is more romantic than eating in your cozy home with your loved one. Whether it's ordering take-out or cooking a special meal together.

Bake Cookies

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Alexis Hoffman

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