Procrastination: to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done (according to Merriam Webster).

We're all human and believe it or not we've all procrastinated. If you are anything like me procrastinating is a daily routine in your life. Whether you're waiting until the last minute to write your 5-page paper or mom is bugging you to clean your room and you're not feeling it, here are some ideas that will keep you busy by wasting your time.

1. Scroll through your timelines

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. While you're laying in bed with your paper on the screen, open a new tab and get up to date on what your friends and family have been up to. Look up random hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. You can even catch up on some daily news by scrolling and read through the 'Twitter Moments' section in the app (which is personally my favorite).

2. Watch challenges on YouTube

Youtube videos are one of the best things to watch while you're procrastinating. Watching one 7 minute video turns into watching videos for hours. Look up challenges like the cinnamon challenge (I highly suggest Glozell's), the try not to laugh challenge, talk show clips, or even find a channel whose videos you really enjoy. BUT stay away from eating Tide Pods.

3. Refresh your memory by listening to old music or make your own playlist

Music is the answer to everything. Perhaps you need a little refresher on old music such as the Jonas Brothers, old Disney, or maybe you forgot about the song "Too Little, Too Late" by JoJo. Having your own dance party or screaming your favorite song is the perfect way to get rid of paper writing anxieties. Spotify allows listeners to even create their own playlists for free.

4. Eat

I don't know if it's just me or a go-to thing to do when you're bored is to just eat food. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Go put a bag of popcorn in the microwave, crack open that bag of chips. Comfort foods are a necessity in the time of a crisis.

5. Nap

Maybe you've already been working on whatever it is you have to do. Everyone deserves a nap. Save your work and come back to it later. Napping may even help you by giving you enough energy to finish that paper that's due tomorrow. Remember, when you're tired you're not working to your fullest potential.

6. FaceTime Friends and Family

Okay so this may not be one you hear often, but when you just don't want to do anything you're supposed to, FaceTiming friends/family is the perfect getaway. Maybe you've been too busy (relatable) to talk to them when you don't have class or meetings. A period of procrastinating is the perfect time to call them and catch up. Show them that you care and that you're thinking about them!

7. Go through your emails

If you're like me, your email account is telling you that you have an inbox of 9999+ and now would be the perfect time to clear some out (and stop missing out on all the great coupons companies are sending you). You might even find old emails you sent to your friends when you were 6 and cellphones weren't a thing (which is more entertaining than you think). Or perhaps your RA sent you an email about a program happening right now so you can go have fun instead of doing your homework.

8. Start binge-watching a show on Netflix

I know that Netflix removed "One Tree Hill" from their website (total bummer) but there are other great shows you can start. Perhaps you need a good laugh, an episode of "The Office" is short yet hilarious. Rewatch old sitcoms like 'Friends'. The opportunities are endless.

9. Online shopping

Okay- if you don't have money, online window shopping is real and just as entertaining as window shopping at the store. But if you do have money Amazon and eBay are the answers. Maybe you've had your eye on something for awhile, check it out and see if someone is selling it on eBay for cheaper. Amazon is also great with 2-day free shipping with Amazon Prime. Perhaps you need a couple of things or just want to buy random fun things during this time.

10. Play an app on your phone or beat the video game you've been playing

Reminder: HQ Trivia (game show on your phone that is free and you can win real cash) is on at 3 pm and 9 pm so whatever you're writing and doing you need to stop at those times. If you're looking to kill time or avoid your paper at any other time download "Ballz" or "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" onto your phone and get playing. Maybe you even have time to play a round of zombies on "Call of Duty".

Remember: You can only procrastinate for so long, so make the time count and do something fun. I didn't write this article to encourage you to not do what you're supposed to, but to have a little fun when you're feeling stressed (I'm procrastinating right now while writing this article).