There are many small things you can do each and every day to help make the world a better place. When you do something nice, it has the potential to create a chain reaction. Here are a few small things that you can do to improve the world around you.

1. Hold the door for someone.

Such a small gesture can truly make someone’s day a little better. If someone has been having a bad day and you do something even as small as holding a door for them, you’d be surprised at the impact that can have.

2. Recycle a bottle that you see on the ground.

It doesn’t take too much effort to lean down and pick up a bottle. Keeping the environment clean is something that more people should focus on doing each and every day.

3. Smile or say hello to a stranger.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Personally, I enjoy smiling and saying hello to strangers, and it makes me very happy when they do it back!

4. Compliment someone.

Tell someone that you like their hair, clothes, or makeup. Even better, compliment their personality and tell them how awesome they are.

5. Be positive.

No one enjoys a negative Nelly, so allow yourself to think positively regardless of the situation. If you’re a positive person, the people surrounding you will become more positive.

6. Be helpful.

If you see someone drop something, pick it up. Help an elderly person carry their groceries. When you’re helpful, it will make other people want to be helpful, which creates a chain reaction.

7. Take pride in where you live.

Make sure your neighborhood is clean and work on things in the community. Having that sense of togetherness in a community is amazing, and it will improve your overall quality of living.

8. Make someone something.

Bake some cookies or make a friendship bracelet. It’s never a bad thing to remind someone how much you appreciate having them in your life!

9. Introduce like minds.

If you have two friends who you know would get along fantastically, introduce them! You can improve their lives by providing them with someone else who they can easily relate to.

10. Let a manager know how great their employee are doing.

It’s one thing to tip or compliment someone for their service -- it’s another to contact their manager and tell them what a great job they’ve done. This won't only make the employee feel good about themselves, but it’ll make the manager happy as well!