Things To Do While You Wait For Your Disney College Program
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10 Things To Do While You Wait For Your Disney College Program To Begin

And we all thought the longest "waiting game" was waiting for our acceptance--wrong!

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So you've been accepted for the Disney College Program!! This news can initially bring so much excitement! But after about a month, you realize just how long of a wait you have until your program starts. I'm currently about 4 months out from the start of my program! So what should you do to keep that excitement going until that long-awaited day finally arrives? Here are some things to consider doing!

1. Find your roommates.

The Facebook pages and GroupMes are perfect for this! Look for people who have lots in common with you, but don't stress too much if you can't find any. You've got plenty of time to figure it out!

2. Start looking for supplies you'll need.

I'm talking about all kinds of things here. Look for mattress pads, bedding, blankets, decorations, coffee makers, etc. There are tons of packing lists for the DCP, so here's one that I've been using. Also keep in mind that when you find roommates, you may be able to knock some of these things off your list if they're bringing them.

3. Help your friends and family plan some visits to Disney while you're there.

I'm working on helping my mom plan at least 4 trips to visit me while I'm there!

4. Look on Pinterest for some room inspiration.

I even have an entire secret board dedicated to my ideas!

5. Keep a countdown.

I use a countdown app for this, but you can also make daily/weekly/monthly calendar notifications!

6. Make friends on the Facebook pages and GroupMes.

Even if you're not looking for roommates, it never hurts to go into the program with a couple new friends.

7. Plan your outfits for Traditions.

From what I've heard, you need around 3-4 outfits for Traditions, so plan accordingly. Also, pro tip: only plan to wear heels if you're confident that you can stand and walk for hours in them.

8. Make a Disney bucket list.

I'm still working on mine, but I know lots of things that I still haven't done!!

9. Buy tons of Disney-inspired apparel.

I can confidently say I've already spent LOTS of money on Disney items since I was accepted.

10. Actually, just go crazy, and decorate everything you own with Disney stuff!

Seriously. It's basically unavoidable.

Best of luck to everybody in the same boat as me right now! I know it's tough to focus on anything other than the DCP as it's such an exciting time. But you may as well get ahead on some of these things now! Hopefully, the summer will fly by so that I can be at my happy place sooner.

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