Middle school was the definition of awkward -- I cringe at the thought of my seventh-grade self. There are some things we all did in middle school that we thought were so cool at the time, and now looking back on it, think were so hilarious. Here are 10 of them!

1. Got colored braces

The brighter the colors, the cooler you were.

2. Put your phone/iPod in your UGGs to hide it when you texted in class

If you did this, you were bad to the bone.

3. Tied your t-shirt in the back with a hair tie

This could dress-up an average t-shirt.

4. Used Kool-Aid to dye the bottom of your hair

Moms were always a big fan of this one.

5. Got overly excited to decorate your locker

You blew all your money in the locker decor section of Five Below.

6. Felt like the coolest person alive when you got a note to go on your friend's bus

You waved that note around with so much pride.

7. Asked your friend to ask your crush if he/she liked you back

This was always a successful tactic.

8. Wore heavy eyeliner under your eyes

You had to let people know you were wearing makeup.

9. Wore sweatpants over your jeans to gym class

This was ingenious, except for the fact that it made you sweat bullets.

10. Got super nervous when a teacher would catch you chewing gum

Chewing gum was probably the biggest crime you could have committed in middle school.