If you are an avid moviegoer, you have seen your local theater during their best and worst days. You've seen the popcorn spills, crazy lines, crazier guests, and everything in between. It's sometimes frustrating to be standing in lines for tickets just to stand in another line for snacks but I'm here to tell you a few things to make your movie experience better.

1. Be Nice

It will make everything run so much smoother while keeping your, and your cashier's, mood up.

2. Understand We Are Doing Our Best

Sometimes people call off and theaters become understaffed or equipment failure happens. Prioritizing issues is a big task in the movie theater business and they are trying their best to fix it all.

3. Remember You Have Trailers and Plenty Of Time

First of all, if you are worried about getting tickets, snacks, and a good seat all before the show starts, you should probably get there more than 2 minutes before the showtime. If the theater is busy they can't serve you before other guests just because your time management didn't factor in other customers. Also, if your show is at 7:00 and you are rushing your concessions cashier to hurry up because it's 7:01, remember your movie won't even start until 7:20.

4. Be Nice


5. Please, Just Be Nice

I beg you.

6. Don't Yell About Things Out of Our Control

If you choose to yell at an employee who is trying to help you as much as they are able to, shame on you. Things happen all the time unexpectedly. If you just give the staff a few minutes to figure out the best solution you'll most likely see it will fall into your favor.

7. They're Trying to Help You As Much As They Can

Trust me, the last thing we want is an upset customer

8. All of This Popcorn Is Fresh

Every time I have been asked if we are using the same popcorn from last night I clearly state, no. We make our popcorn fresh every morning and throughout the day. Oh? You want to wait for a new batch to pop? Well, this batch literally just finished but if you would like to wait for 10 more minutes, go ahead.

9. No, We Do Not Have Pepsi in Our Coca-Cola Machines

I thought this would be self-explanatory in the name.

10. Please. Just. Be. Nice

That's all I ask of you.