We are getting towards the end of the school year, and this means that professors are trying to squeeze in one last test before the big final. However, many of the tests tend to coincide with each other and this adds a whole other stress level to our everyday lives. I just came off of two days of very heavy testing from international accounting to biochemistry. Yuck! I struggled to find something to write about this week as I am very mentally drained as most people would be after taking multiple tests. So, I decided to give people different ideas about what they could do to celebrate being done with tests!

1. Sleep

I know that I feel very mentally drained after a strenuous week of testing!

2. Do More Homework

Now, if you don't have the pleasure of taking the rest of the day easy, well, this time is spent getting ready for whatever you have to do next!

3. Watch A Movie

This is what I usually end up doing, but I may eventually fall asleep!

4. Go To Your Favorite Restaurant

A great way to celebrate is to go eat your favorite food!

5. Go Out With Friends

Another great way to celebrate with people you love to hang out with!

6. Do Something Outside!

If it is gorgeous outside well I would want to be heading outside, because I hate being stuck inside studying! Fresh air on the brain is a great way to recharge your battery.

7. Do That Workout That You Have Missed Because Of Studying

If you feel bad for missing going to the gym due to studying, well, this would be a great time to get that in!

8. Take Another Nap

Or if you are just really tired, just take another nap!

9. Call Your Parents

Usually after a test, my mom wants to know how it went and sometimes this conversation is either really good or bad!

10. Write Your Odyssey Article For The Week

If you have nothing else to do, might as well get that Odyssey article written!

No matter what your remedy may be, just remember to recharge your battery and get ready for finals week!