At the end of every semester I like to look back and reflect on everything I've done and learned. Doing this reflection and re-cap not only gives me closure with the semester, but it also helps me in planning my next semester. Usually I make a list of do's and don'ts for what did and didn't work this semester, and what I should and shouldn't bring with me into the next semester. This semester was difficult for me. I was no longer a freshman taking 100-level gen-ed classes. All of the positions I had been elected into last semester were now requiring my attention, and I was waging an internal war with myself on what I was actually passionate about, and what I wanted to do/be for the rest of my life. Plus, there's that whole thing about having to declare a major and what not. So, I think it's safe to say that sophomore year is a bit more challenging for people than freshman year. I'm not saying that freshman year can't be hard, but sophomore year is definitely different. Keeping that in mind, here are some things that this semester made me realize while doing my reflection.

1. My passion for English

Let's just say that it took me three semesters to realize that I loved science, but I wasn't passionate about it. I had to have a serious sit-down with myself to finally admit that I was balls-to-the-wall crazy about English, crazy about writing, and crazy about literature. So, you want to guess what my new major is?

2. The library is actually pretty nice

I never want to leave my room, because I'm lazy. I always walked past the library thinking I could get the same stuff done at home that I could there. WRONG. My apartment is actually the BIGGEST distraction in terms of me getting work done. So, I tried out the library, and now I'm kind of in love with it. The atmosphere and resources there have been extremely helpful to me. Moral of the story...listen to people when they tell you that the library is a great place to study!

3. Pizza can't fix everything

I was eating pizza this semester on any and all occasions. Failed my test? Pizza. Passed my test? Pizza. Hungry? Pizza. Not hungry? Pizza. Bored? Pizza. Stressed? Pizza. You get the point. The bottom line is, the only problem pizza actually solved this semester was me wondering if I could possibly gain anymore weight.

4. The gym is actually a thing

What a perfect point to follow my statement about pizza. The times I did actually go to the gym this semester (and let me be the first to tell you that those those numbers are anything but impressive), I actually felt better physically and mentally after my workout! I know right?! What a magical, obvious concept that only took Alex three semesters to figure out!

5. Freshman really are easy to pick out of a crowd

When I was a freshman, I was so convinced that I looked like everyone else, and wasn't obviously noticed as a "freshman". I thought that the saying "You look like a freshman" wasn't really a thing because I never saw anybody that screamed "FRESHMAN" from their appearance. Coming into this year, I realized how wrong I was. Looking back at it now, I looked and acted like a stereotypical freshman last year, and now I have the eye to pick them out of the crowd too.

6. Taking another 9AM was a stupid-ass idea

Every semester I think taking a 9AM will make me more productive and help me get my classes done earlier, and every semester I punch myself in the face for doing it. I'm pretty sure 9AM classes have an entire level of Dante's purgatory dedicated to them. After this semester, I have moved "Taking a 9AM class" to the permanent DON'T list for the rest of my college career.

7. Getting involved is COOL

I like to be involved, that's just how I am. Currently, I reside on the executive board for four clubs, including President of my schools Club Softball, Vice-President for my school's chapter of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, as well as Vice-president of Community Service for my school's chapter of National Society for Collegiate Scholars. Because I got so involved, I started to meet a plethora of new people, many of whom have become good friends of mine. Getting involved has been a great way for me to get people to say "Hi" to me on campus (lol jk....not really though).

8. I need to buy more sweatpants

Because I don't do laundry nearly as often as I should, I found myself running out of sweatpants to wear during the week. So, the most logical solution to this completely irrational problem is obviously to buy sweatpants. I would pretty much do anything to avoid having to wear jeans.

9. Bralettes are the best thing to happen since sliced bread

I JUST discovered bralettes late in this semester, right before black Friday actually. If there's one thing I have to say about them, it's definitely "WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THESE SOONER?!". They're,like, best of both worlds. They're just as comfortable as sports bras, and give you the coverage of a real bra. In my times of struggle this semester, bralettes have just brightened up my day, man, let me tell you.

10. Being away from my family and pets doesn't get any easier

People say that every semester you come back to school it gets easier to have to leave your family and your pets. I'm here to tell you right now that that is NOT true. For me, it actually gets a little harder each time I have to leave the people and pets I love most. And right when I get to the last two weeks of the semester, I get EXTREMELY homesick (like I am right now) and just want nothing but to cuddle up on the couch with all of my dogs and hang out with my mom, dad, and brother.