10 Things They Don't Tell You About College
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Student Life

10 Things They Don't Tell You About College

You are going to call your mom. Alot.

10 Things They Don't Tell You About College
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1. You are going to call your mom.

A lot. Like everyday. Sometimes twice a day. You will need her for tips on how to cook, how to clean your laundry and how to take care of a bleeding limb. You will also want to vent to her and just talk to her in general.

2. You will have a presentation in almost every class.

If you do not like speaking in front of your classmates, you better get used to it. It does not matter what the class is, I guarantee you there is a way for the professor to create a project where you'll have to do a presentation.

3. You do not have to succumb to freshman 15.

Freshman 15 is real, but as long as you try to throw in some exercises every now and again you will be okay. Try not to snack after midnight though. However, that does not mean you will not gain some weight. You obviously will because your mom and dad won't be around to cook for you. You will because even though I told you not to snack after midnight, you will not listen. You will because every college student does.

4. Some Professors actually DO care about you.

I know your High School teachers have expressed otherwise, but some actually do want to see their students succeed.

5. You will have to take some classes that are not related to your major.

And thats okay because you need to experience other classes and be well-rounded.

6. You are going to miss your family terribly.

I know that they drive you insane and you cannot wait to leave your house for a taste of freedom, but you will miss them. Maybe at first you won't. At first, it will be fun and exciting, but when it is time to go back to the University after Christmas break it will break your heart.

7. You will not have to pull all-nighters all the time.

Believe me, there will be times where you have to stay up all night to finish that project or that paper, but it will not be all the time. If you manage your time well, you will have enough time to get a few hours of sleep.

8. You need sleep.

Without sleep, you will be useless to the world. Do not stretch yourself too thin where you do not have time to sleep.

9. Every day is not going to be eventful.

Some days you will have so many fun things going on and you'll laugh and have fun all day. Some days you'll spend time doing homework and watching Netflix. Both of those are okay.

10. You will definitely take a lot of naps at random time.

Whenever you can find a nap slot, take it. Small naps are the best kind.

College is a weird time for everyone, but you're going to love it nonetheless.

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