I had a pretty good childhood, and I'm not afraid to admit it. My generation has inside jokes about our childhood that you, Centennials, will never be able to relate to, because well, you just aren't us. You didn't have the chance to live through some of the phases that we went through.

Millennials are the only generation that will understand what life was like before and after the major boost in technology. We remember life before smartphones, and after smartphones. In reality, we really did get the best of both worlds. We are a rare breed because of it.

However, there are many other things that Centennials are missing out on besides not having the option of all of these portable screens. Here are X things that you, Centennials missed out on, simply because of your age.

1. Ouch Gum

The thing to do was yell "ouch" while you chewed it. We don't know why, but it was just the thing to do. And if you didn't yell "ouch", you weren't doing it right.

2. Quality Disney TV Shows

I'm not talking about like Dog with a Blog or whatever crap you watched as a kid. I'm talking The Proud Family, Phil of the Future, Even Stevens, Kim Possible, Lizzie Mcguire and That's so Raven. You have no idea what you missed.

3. Early 2000s Fashion

Nothing says 2001 like all denim everything, flowing gaucho pants, jumper dresses, and spaghetti straps. Consider yourself blessed to have missed out on this atrocity.

4. Chat Now Phone

Consider this like the training wheels for cell phones. These were walkie talkies that you could text with, however, you had to be within 20 ft of the person, or it didn't work. If you had one of these bad boys, you were the absolute coolest kid on the block.

5. Lisa Frank

Lisa frank was everything in elementary school. From folders and notebooks to shoes you could personally decorate with stickers and crazy pens that were super distracting to write with. If you emulated anything Lisa in any way, shape, or form, you were socially acceptable.

6. Gameboys

We thought these graphics were the bee's knees when we would game back in our day. But the games you are playing are far beyond anything we ever experienced as kids.

7. Dance Dance Revolution

I'm sad that you will never experience the satisfaction of getting a high score on this game because it was really a confidence booster!

8. Body Glitter

Ladies, you weren't actually living if you didn't have one of these in your purse. It kinda gave off the vibe that Tinker Bell puked all over you, but it was the trend.

9. Razor Phones

This phone was so popular in my later elementary school years. To us, it was a skinny phone. Now smartphones are even thinner! The thing we liked best about these phones was we could hang sweet phone charms off the sides.

10. Blockbuster

With Netflix and Hulu taking over the movie world, you will never understand the satisfaction of walking into a Blockbuster on a Friday night. I knew if my parents took me to Blockbuster, it was gonna be a fantastic weekend.

I'm sure one day you are gonna look back on your childhood and sit in awe of how the times have changed just like me. But your childhood is something so special, so soak in it and make memories so one day you can write an article like this one!