10 Things That Need To Happen In The New 'Gilmore Girls' Episodes

This past couple months I binge watched the original 'Gilmore Girls' and I fell in love with it. If you haven't seen it, you need to get yourself from out of that rock you've been hiding under and put it on. I watched all seven seasons in one month, then started glorious four episodes of 'Year In The Life' on Netflix. After I was completely finished, I just stared at the screen as "Where You Lead" played in the background. I was left hanging after hearing those four words, and I am so mad! There has to be more episodes! Since, I am a film major I took it upon myself to create a vision in my head of things that we need to see in any future episodes Amy decides to direct! I would literally write them all if I had the chance. Enjoy.


1) The theme song at the start of every episode

This is very important because I need to sing the song every time I watch it. It's just awkward if it's not in there. I think it would also be a great way to show how every character grew, by using videos of them from the original and now.

2) Luke and Lorelai's actual wedding

We saw that little glimpse of the midnight wedding that they had, but I want to see the actual big party the next day. Ya know the one that Jess was actually at?

3) A Third Film By Kirk

Kirk's films have all been straight up masterpieces. I would love to see a third one so bad.

4) Interactions between Jess, Dean, and Logan

I personally think that an interaction between Dean, Jess, and Logan would be awesome. They could have Jess working at Luke's diner, Dean comes it to get something to eat with his wife and kids and Logan is there on his laptop. They are all pretty mature now for the most part, so it would be pretty interesting. Jess and Logan are really the only ones who are fighting over Rory.

5) Odette's Face

It really doesn't matter to me if Logan stays with Odette or not, but I think I would like to know who she is. I would like her to also have some sort of interaction with Rory too.

6) Lorelai's reaction to the last four words

Lorelai genuinely seemed pretty shocked when Rory told her the news. However, it's also possible that she might have already known she was pregnant because she knows Rory more than she knows herself. She could also be upset because she didn't want her to follow in her footsteps.

7) The Wookie's identity

Even though it's almost impossible that whoever was in the wookie costume to be the father of Rory's baby, I would like to know who it was. My fingers are crossed that Jess was in New York that day and somehow ended up at a convention.

8) Rory to pick who she should be with

Well, Dean is married and has like four kids, so he's out. Jess could work with Rory on her book and even help her publish it. Maybe they work on it everyday, and he is forced to be with her throughout her pregnancy? On the other hand, Logan could break off his engagement to Odette, once he finds out that Rory is pregnant? She could also choose to be a single mom like Lorelai.

9) The new Gilmore girl/boy's birth

Of course it would be cool to bring a new Gilmore girl into the world but how weird would it be if it was actually a boy? It's going to be interesting to see how Rory deals with parenthood.

10) Who is the father?!

Who will it be????

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