10 Things That Are Too True If You Grew Up In Santa Clarita, California
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10 Things That Are Too True If You Grew Up In Santa Clarita, California

These things are all 100% if you grew up in the SCV.

10 Things That Are Too True If You Grew Up In Santa Clarita, California

Santa Clarita Valley, the good ol' SCV. For those who don't know, it's a suburban city located in Los Angeles County, on the outskirts of LA. It's pretty much located in the desert, it's boring, and there really isn't much to do here (hence why the majority of this list has to do with how boring Santa Clarita is). If you're from Santa Clarita, then sit back and enjoy how painfully true these 10 facts are. If you're not from the SCV, then read on to feel bad for those of us who are.

1. No one knows where Santa Clarita is unless you tell them about Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Our only landmark...

2. Also, you probably spent lots of time here as a tween because it was the ~cool~ (and only) thing to do on the weekends.

Shoutout to season passes, and never being able to look at Six Flags the same way again after having ridden every single roller coaster in the park numerous times. Things only started to look up once you or one of your 16 year old friends got their license and was able to drive to the heart of LA on the weekends.

3. You know all of the stereotypes associated with the different towns within Santa Clarita-- all the way from Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, to Valencia.

Why did everyone care so much about the rivalry between different towns so much? It's still all the same city.

4. You know the obnoxious neon-light movie theaters all too well.

Our options were limited, and extremely OTT. At least it gave us something to do other than going to Six Flags.

5. You remember the day you were first allowed to go to the mall in Valencia just with your friends and without a parent.

We felt so adult-like eating our mediocre Hot Dog on a Stick in the food court and walking around different stores while not being able to actually buy anything. Who can forget the emo teens who smoked cigarettes and hung out in large packs in front of the mall and freaked us out? The mall just wouldn't be the same without them.

6. For some reason, everyone thought it was ultra cool to go to In N Out after high school football games.

I'm not really sure why, but I guess people like to stuff their faces with hamburgers and french fries after watching a bunch of testosterone-filled teen boys prance around a football field (can you tell that I hate football?).

7. You know the struggle of ridiculously hot summers and fire season.

The sandfire last summer put us on the map, albeit not in a good way.

8. You've probably seen at least one instance of a TV show or movie being filmed in your town...

It's funny that a lot of people don't know where Santa Clarita is even though a lot of TV shows and movies are regularly filmed here...

9. ...And yet everyone in the SCV still freaked out when The Santa Clarita Diet came out on Netflix.

This show was actually pretty good, not gonna lie. It was also extremely weird, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if zombie Santa Clarita suburban moms actually existed. It seems pretty feasible to me.

10. Hoping that you don't end up being a Santa Clarita all-lifer... and constantly thinking to yourself, "I have to get out of here."

And yet, when you visit Santa Clarita, at the end of the day, it's still where you're from and at least a little part of it will always feel like home (even if you've moved on and vowed never to go back to living here... like I have).

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