10 Things That Are Surprisingly Dirtier Than A Toilet
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10 Things That Are Surprisingly Dirtier Than A Toilet

Number 6 Could Save Your Life!

10 Things That Are Surprisingly Dirtier Than A Toilet

1. Kitchen Sponges

This item can house billions of bacteria, and can sometimes even be dirtier than a toilet seat.

How to Properly Clean Kitchen Sponges

2. Makeup

Usually, we spend most of our time cleaning our houses, cars, and vigorously washing our hands after using the bathroom. However, most do not know that dated makeup/makeup brushes can house several dangerous bacteria, and even make you sick.

Guideline on When to Throw Away Makeup

3. ATM Buttons

Some studies have shown that these buttons contain as much bacteria as public bathroom handles. Just think about how many people visit an ATM machine on a daily basis...so that guy you just caught picking his nose at a red light...

Immediately use hand sanitizer, or wash hands after every ATM use.

4. Your Cellphone

Think about the last place you left your phone, or the different surfaces you rested it on as you scrolled through SnapChat/ Facebook. Were they public places? Much of the disease-causing bacteria are transferred from person to person through touch, which means that once this bacteria is on your hands, you only have to then touch your eyes or nose for the bacteria to find a way into your body.

5. Purses

Just like a cell phone, women take their purses everywhere and put them down in just as many places. We don’t think twice before tossing them under the table at a restaurant, on the bathroom floor, or under our seats at the movie theater. There's also the chance that you could be carrying fecal matter with you. NEVER put your purse on the kitchen table or bed.

6. Restaurant Menus

Next time you go out to eat, you may want to think about how many hands have touched that menu and how often it’s cleaned before you begin eating. Most people will go to the bathroom first to wash their hands, and then have a look at the menu. However, you should always order first, and then proceed to the bathroom to wash your hands. This will also kill time while you wait for your food!

7. Shopping Carts

Grocery carts can be accessed by virtually anyone who goes grocery shopping. Although most stores provide shoppers with sanitizer wipes to clean the handles before use, they do not clean them nearly as properly as they should be.

Always remember to wash your hands after leaving a grocery store. If you can't right away, avoid grabbing that bag of chips you just bought!

8. Restroom Door Handles

Have you ever used the bathroom in a public place, and as you are standing over the sink washing your hands, you see someone leave the bathroom stall, and walk right out the door without washing their hands? The truth is, that wasn't a one time deal. More people than you can imagine do not wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Next time you're out in public and have just finished washing your hands, grab an extra paper towel and use it to grasp the handle.

9. Computer Keyboard

I bet you've sneezed while typing and continued typing without washing your hands, or maybe you share a keyboard with your entire family. Imagine all of the things they've touched throughout the day. *Cringes*

10. Your Steering Wheel

Think about all of the public places you've visited, and everything you touched while being there, i.e., gas pump, ATM machine, door handles, etc... a steering wheel is one of the least frequently cleaned places that we come across on a daily basis.

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