what to do for summer break after graduation
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10 Things To Do The Summer After Graduation

Every senior in high school anxiously waits for graduation, but what about the following summer?


The summer after high school graduation should be one to remember! Many seniors in high school forget to plan things for summer break since they're so focused on graduation and other future plans. So, below are 10 things to do to help plan an amazing summer being a graduated student!

1. Spend quality time with your family

This may not sound like the most exciting activity in the world but it is so important. After you go off to college or where ever, you'll appreciate the memories you'll have of time with your family.

2. Fully explore your hometown

You might think that you know your hometown inside and out, but you may be surprised with how many places have been left unexplored! Ask around or simply look up places and things to do where you live. Soak up your time there while it lasts.

3. Go on a trip with friends

What better way to enjoy summer break than having fun with your friends?

4. Visit your future school

Summer break is the perfect time to get to know your future school and its surroundings! It's better to get familiar with a new place before moving in.

5. Shop for your future dorm room

Summer break is also the prime time to get all of your dorm room shopping in!

6. Give back to your community

After years upon years of living in your community, it is almost time to start fresh somewhere else. So before you leave, make plans to volunteer somewhere local to give back.

7. Take your parents out

This may sound weird or silly, but taking your parents out to a dinner or movie is a great way to fit in quality time with them. Also, it will show how much you appreciate them before you move onto another chapter of your life.

8. Catch up with someone from the past

Call up an old friend or relative and catch them up on your life. Big changes are about to happen so summer break is a good time to reconnect with people from your past.

9. Visit all of your favorite local places


It may be quite some time before you can visit that store you love so much again!

10. Take some time to reflect

Summer break does not have to be busy nonstop to make the most out of it. Take some time to reflect on your high school years and how they have shaped you. Maybe make a journal or a scrapbook to have quiet, quality time with yourself.

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