10 Things in my Study Abroad Closet (Or that I Wish were in my Closet)
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10 Things in my Study Abroad Closet (Or that I Wish were in my Closet)

"I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet."

10 Things in my Study Abroad Closet (Or that I Wish were in my Closet)

Studying abroad and only being able to bring a very small portion of my wardrobe as taught me to really appreciate what I have in my closet, and what everyone needs to own. No matter where are live, these 10 items will sure become handy to you at one point in your life. Here are the 10 things everyone needs in their closet:

1. Leather Jacket

For the in between months, when it's too warm for a heavy jacket and too cold for nothing, a leather jacket is perfect. And not to mention that you will fit in with the rest of the world.

2. Expensive Sunglasses

The sun doesn't get any weaker in different parts of the world. A good pair of sunglasses will ensure safety for the eyes, as well as give your outfit that extra accessory that it needs to be complete.

3. Heavy Winter Coat

It is no doubt that when it is cold, it is cold. A heavy winter coat will keep you warm, and you will not regret it. This is not something to splurge on.

4. Durable Weekend BagFor those weekend trips, it is important to have a weekend bag that can fit what you need, as well as fitting the strict size requirements of international airline companies. You don’t want to be away for the weekend and have your bag break, after all.5. Reliable WatchTime is of the essence, especially when you have to use public transportation and maneuver around a city that you’ve never lived in before. Time is extra important and a good watch should never let you down.6. Sneakers

For when the feet get sore, which happens to everyone. We all need to give our feet a break at times, which is why a good pair of sneakers is important for everyone to own.

7. Scarves, Hats, Mittens

They fit both the practical needs as well as the fashion needs. They will keep you warm and dress up your outfit. It’s no joke, these are very important in other parts of the world. Never walk out of the house without them, or you will stick out like a sore thumb.

8. Black Jeans

For when you don’t want to wear blue jeans, but don’t want to wear dress pants. Black jeans can be dressed up or down, not to mention are a total fashion statement these days.

9. Sweatpants

For those early morning flights, it is important to have a good quality pair of sweatpants. Whether they be joggers or baggy, good quality ensures that they won’t rip when you have nothing else to wear and they will be able to withhold the washing machines.

10. Slippers

You never really appreciate how much comfort slippers give to the feet until you don't have them. When the floor is cold and creaky, slippers add some much needed cushion to your feet as well as the floor. Trust me, the neighbors below you will thank you.

If you're ever thinking of going abroad, be sure to take these items, and if you're not, it's okay. These are good to have in your closet, wherever in the world you live.

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