10 Things About Pullman I'll Miss When I Graduate
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Student Life

10 Things About Pullman I'll Miss When I Graduate

As my undergraduate years end I have come to the realization that I will miss Pullman more than I thought.

10 Things About Pullman I'll Miss When I Graduate
Kelly Cruz

As my undergraduate years come to an end and classes start to wrap up it seems only right to reminisce on the years I have spent my time here at Washington State University and the Pullman area and all the things I took for granted and now realize that towards the end of my time here.

Pullman is small and when I came in during my freshmen year and realized how small it truly was I began to think that maybe I had made a mistake being here. As I got acclimated and as years went by I realized that there were things that I would be missing out once I left this small town located in the middle of nowhere.

1. Cougar football

I love watching football and Cougar football just becomes an awesome atmosphere. Everyone in the crowd going wild and the waves of crimson and grey in the crowd is just so fun it gives me goosebumps.

2. Pullman in the fall

Pullman in the fall is so beautiful, though sometimes the fall season does not last in Pullman for very long, but when it does it has so many beautiful colors throughout the town.

3. International center

One of my favorite places to study and hang out on campus. The environment is very friendly and there are always events going on throughout the week whether it be language classes or mini food tasting events.

4. The weekends

When the weekend starts Thursday night and we go through with friend get-togethers until Sunday (or sometimes Monday's). At first, you think should I be doing this I have so much stuff to do, but you end up getting through it, don't ask me how you just do.

5. The school spirit

If anyone has ever heard of WSU and the Pullman area you know there is so much school pride and spirit it is so fun. At first, I thought it was odd, but as I traveled and would run into someone with a coug logo or if I had a coug logo there was always an exchange of 'Go cougs!' It's amazing to be a part of that type of community.

6. Bryan Hall clock tower

Staying on campus all day long because of homework, group study sessions, or studying for an exam it was always nice to see the Bryan Hall clock tower and its beautiful lighting during the sunset or during the night.

7. Pullman sunsets

Pullman sunsets are beautiful. If you get the chance take a moment and take it in. The sight is beautiful and picture worthy.

8. Community

The community on and off campus is so involved it's a great feeling to know that we work together to better the community and support each other when possible.

9. Friends

I'm being selfish, but I wish I could take all my friends with me once I graduate, but I know that's not possible. It sucks

10. Ferdinand's

Cougar tracks, cougar gold cheese, or anything in Ferdinand's is just so delicious. I am a fan of celebrating spring in Pullman with some cougar tracks ice-cream!

I'm truly gonna miss Pullman and everything about it. Though it is small it holds a special part in my heart. I never realized how much it had grown on me until I realized I only have 21 days left in this tight-knit community. My undergraduate years are over soon, but I am really excited to be a Washington State University alumna and come visit WSU and the Pullman area whenever I can. As always GO COUGS!

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