10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

  1. Get used to walking across campus.
    1. I am not an unhealthy person or the most fit, but I’m certainly able to do long walks and everything, but walking from one building to another that’s on the other side of campus... good luck.
  2. It’s not like Hollywood makes it look.
    1. Cafe food is going to suck, if you go during rush hour. Sometimes you’ll smell something burning, trust me I know. The school may look beautiful on the portfolio and through online pictures, but listen, budget cuts and thousands of students gets to the land.
  3. Classes are similar to high school, yet different.
    1. For one, my English College Writing Class was extremely similar to my AP Literature class in terms of the work load. So if you are a high school student reading this, get your fingers ready to type!
  4. Work load Equals Overload
    1. It is imperative that you learn how to have good time management. Even if you aren’t the most organized or your partially a procrastinator (me) you have to have time management. Don’t be that person to leave their physics lab report last minute when you know it’s going to be a 10 page report (not me).
  5. Destressing
    1. This is the most important part of college, not partying or whatever, but having some me time and not overall stress about finals. If you stress you gain less out of it, however, to some degree it is good to stress but not to the point of tears.
  6. Eat well, Workout
    1. My first semester, I literally died. All I ate was ramen noodles and by now I could have invested that money and made more than enough for tuition. If that doesn’t tell you anything, I can’t help you.
    2. Workout! Even if you aren’t going to the school gym, you can always jog around the park even if you have weekend classes(I have two). Or do sit-ups at home. Or do simple yoga, trust me it’s a good way to stay fit and not gain freshmen 50 and not feel as stressed.
  7. The library is your best friend.
    1. I don’t care if you don’t like reading or whatever. Go to the library and go on the floor where talking isn’t allowed. You will see how quiet and peaceful it is. Even if you don’t study ( but you should), get a few minutes or hours of sleep between your hands. Trust me, the third floor is the best.
  8. Studying!!!!
    1. Study for at least 1.5-2 hours for each subject of that day. Don’t go complaining now! I have seven classes and taking the max without the need of registration permission, 18 credits. Yes, 7 classes and 18 credits. I am slowly making my way, but what’s honestly helping is my study routine. And I still have time to workout and get tutoring if needed (will need for calculus I).
  9. Comfort Clothing
    1. Sometimes you’re going to want to dress nice or wear makeup, but honestly, sometimes sweats and a sweatshirt is best. Try it! Especially if you live in a place where it get cold. Plus it’s more efficient!
  10. Making friends. The big one guys!
    1. Your first few months you might not make friends. Maybe not even the first two semesters, but relax. If you are slow at making friends someone like me, will shake up your world and just introduce themselves to you. And it will be the start of a new friendship or any other type of relationship.
  11. Below is my schedule if you don’t believe me. Yes, I did cross out my room in case you know who I am.