10 Things My Sisters Have Taught Me
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Student Life

10 Things My Sisters Have Taught Me

I've never found a better home

10 Things My Sisters Have Taught Me

1. I need my sisters! Growing up as an only child has left me feeling confident on my own, but once I met these girls, I knew I could never imagine life without them.

2. Women are the strongest, most resilient people I’ve ever come across. The stories we’ve shared with each other are powerful and a great representation of why we joined a sorority in the first place; to get that ever-lasting support system.

3.There’s no reason not to be myself 100% of the time. It’s almost impossible to go through recruitment and initiation period without revealing your true self, and your sisters love you for it. I’ve never felt so loved while being myself.

4. My ideas and opinions matter. I’ve struggled with feeling overlooked and unheard by my peers, yet here every idea, every thought that pops into my head is heard and validated. It’s hard to describe a better feeling than knowing people care enough to pay attention to you.

5. It’s okay to cry of joy and sadness. Recruitment and initiation periods are stressful and full of emotions. I cried when I found out my sorority because I felt so strongly about their values and knew it was the place for me. I also cried during our retreat as I listened for over four hours to the amazing sisters around me share their life stories and hardships.

6. I love food even more than I thought possible! The amount of times you bond with sisters over food is crazy wonderful. I’ve never felt closer to my sisters than when I was sipping a latte and shoving a Nutella strawberry crepe into my mouth.

7. I am loved and wanted. It's impossible to walk around campus and not run into one of my sisters. They instantly brighten up my day and remind me that I am not forgotten. There's always someone looking to grab dinner or see a movie, and it's an amazing feeling to know that you're always welcome to join.

8. Not all sororities fit the stereotype. This was the biggest factor holding me back from rushing. I didn't want to be judged by others simply because I had joined a sorority. Now that I have my sisters, I couldn't imagine my life any other way. We built our relationships based on trust and honesty, not through terrible hazing or raging parties.

9. Go after your dreams. There's no better place to discover your passions than with a support system of 250 girls that always have your back. They were the ones that encouraged me to start my own design company and the reason it's still successful.

10. We're all good sisters!!! Shoutout to my AXiD babes and all sisters from every sorority supporting women.

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