10 Things I'll Miss Most From Home Now That I'm At College
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10 Things I'll Miss Most From Home Now That I'm At College

Like having access to my entire wardrobe.

10 Things I'll Miss Most From Home Now That I'm At College

People say that college is a good home away from home. Though this might be true, there are still definitely some things that I will miss from home. No matter how much I decorate my dorm, it will still not feel exactly like home. Here is a list of items that I will definitely miss from home now that I just moved in to college.

1. My pets

Let's be honest, a fish just is not going to cut it for me. It doesn't make a good cuddle buddy like a cat or dog.

2. My big fridge

A mini fridge is just not big enough. With the amount of food I eat, I need to be able to fit way more in my fridge. Options are a necessity and I will definitely miss being able to choose from such a huge variety.

3. People grocery shopping for me

Life was nice when mom and dad were the ones paying for all of my snacks. I'll have to limit the amount of snacks I buy in order to save money which will be sad.

4. My own bathroom

What? I have to walk all the way around the corner to use the bathroom? I have to wait for other people to stop using the sink or get out of the shower before I can use it? Ridiculous. I miss my own.

5. My bed at home

I've slept in the same bed for years and adjusting to one that needs a 3-inch mattress pad to make it comfortable will not be easy. Also, making sure to not fall off the ladder on the way up or down from the loft will also take some adjusting. I've already almost fallen off twice and I just moved in today.

6. Having access to my entire wardrobe

If you are going to a college that is far away from home like I am, you had to really be careful with what clothes you packed. There is not much space in a freshman dorm, so you have to only bring your favorites, even though you really still want that shirt from 5 years ago.

7. Being able to blast music

Can't have too loud of a jam session when you have neighbors in the room next to you that complain about the Backstreet Boys. The problem is, I love the Backstreet Boys and listening to their music at a low volume is just not the same.

8. Having the freedom to drive anywhere

Most college freshman do not keep their cars on campus, and it will get annoying having to ask people for rides when you used to be able to drive yourself.

9. Alone time

It is kind of difficult to have alone time when you have a roommate who sleeps in the bed right next to yours.

10. Storage space

Dorm rooms are cute but at the same time very cramped. It is hard to stay organized when you are limited to such a small space. I know exactly where everything is in my messy room at home but finding all of my stuff in my neat dorm room will be such a hassle.

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