10 Things Millennials Cared About In Middle School

To along with my open letter to my seventh grade self, I've decided to put together a list of items that seemed so important to millennials when we were in middle school. Looking back it all seems so unimportant, but at the time these things were all the rage.

1. Victoria's Secret Perfume

No joke, some girls used so much of it during middle school, I'm pretty sure they still smell like it.

2. Silly Bandz

This entire generation's bargaining skills were perfected on middle school playgrounds because of these little guys.

3. Side bangs

Actors like Ashley Tisdale made the hairstyle look flawless. Little did you know, in order to perfect the look you needed a forehead that wasn't being invaded by puberty induced oils.

4. Straightening hair

Another hairstyle that seemed so effortless. All the popular girls had perfectly straight locks and you always ended up with that one section that never wants to straighten out.

5. Twilight

Gone are the days when you based who you sat with at lunch on whether or not they were Team Edward or Team Jacob.

6. IPods

Because clearly you needed one universal system to listen to High School Musical and Hannah Montana on repeat.

7. Razors and Sidekicks

omg ur so cool 4 bc u have a razor! Just kidding, your mom said you can only use it for emergencies.

8. Aeropostale & Hollister

Owning and wearing one of these shirts was like buying a membership into the cool crowd for $20.

9. Crackle Nail Polish

Somehow, you nails never came out with right effect, but the effort was definitely there.

10. Rubber Spike Stud Earrings

If you wore these chances are you loved shopping at Claire's and listening to Fall Out Boy, didn't you?

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane! Take comfort in knowing millennials share these weird things that were so important to all of us back in middle school.

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