10 Things Incoming Freshmen Can't Learn About Miami University On A Zoom Call This Fall
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Student Life

10 Things Incoming Freshmen Can't Learn About Miami University On A Zoom Call This Fall

Love and Honor is felt most intensely when you're walking through campus.

10 Things Incoming Freshmen Can't Learn About Miami University On A Zoom Call This Fall

Miami University has been pretty consistent in saying that they plan to have a return to campus in the fall, but just recently they announced some different options for this semester. Students can either work remotely and then move on campus for in-person classes in September, or they can take online classes throughout the entire semester. Either way, this semester is definitely going to be a lot different, and I can say for sure that the college experience just isn't felt as intensely when classes are taken online.

New students especially won't be able to learn about all the great things that Miami has to offer from online classes. While I understand the desire and need for some students to work remotely, there's one thing for certain that college freshmen won't be able to tell just from online learning in the fall: college is about so much more than just classes. Here's ten reasons why the college experience can only be felt to the fullest extent when you're on campus.

1. Campus looks absolutely beautiful when the leaves start to change colors

Miami University / Instagram

Pictures of the leaves changing colors are pretty, too, but they don't encapsulate the calming feeling that you get when you see them in person as you're walking through campus on the way to class.

2. Having your friends live just down the hall is the most amazing experience

One of the best parts about college is having all of your friends in such close proximity. Not only will Zoom classes hinder your ability to meet new people, but having to call your friends doesn't compare to being able to just walk down the hall and go talk to them. It's so wonderful to have some of your favorite people so close all the time.

3. Hockey games are so. much. fun.

How are you supposed to replicate the student section chants at home?

4. Nothing beats nights spent uptown with friends

Hannah Clarke

Some of my best memories are of nights spent uptown. Whether it be at Brick or Bagel and Deli, hanging with friends uptown is one of the best college experiences, and you can't replicate those memories online.

5. Lux lattes are amazing

As an avid coffee fan, I can attest to the greatness of Lux lattes. Located in the Armstrong Student Center, these coffees will become your best friend for in-between classes or just sitting and working on homework.

6. Late night Pulley runs create the best memories

Some of my most cherished college memories so far have come from one of my friends asking me at close to midnight, "Hey, do you wanna go to Pulleys?" There's just something about those late-night milkshake runs that create the best memories.

7. The classes where everyone is involved are the best ones

Miami University / Instagram

Zoom classes won't be the same as those in-person classes where everyone is involved in a group discussion. Those classes are the ones that help me learn the most, and they're hands down the most fun. You'll quickly start to realize just how much you can learn from those around you.

8. Miami hosts some pretty cool events

It's true: Miami events are super fun, whether it be the lecture series, the spring festival, or hosting a comedian on campus. These events wouldn't be nearly the same if you weren't there in person to experience them.

9. Bell and Maple have the best food

While I've debated which dining hall is the best with people in the past, I think every Miami student can agree that the answer is either Bell or Maple, because they both have some of the best food. You can't enjoy quesadilla Fridays from a Zoom call, that's for sure.

10. You'll feel an overwhelming sense of belonging just walking through campus, and it'll feel like home

Hannah Clarke

I'm sure that if students decide to stay online, professors and faculty will do everything that they can to replicate the sense of belonging that each Miami student should feel when they're at college. But to be honest, that feeling comes best organically, when you're walking through campus and finally feel at home.

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