10 Things to Love/Hate About Being the Oldest Sibling
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10 Things to Love/Hate About Being the Oldest Sibling

You love it, you hate it, you deal with it

10 Things to Love/Hate About Being the Oldest Sibling

If you are an older sibling, you can probably think of a million more things to go along with this title, but we're gonna go with just 10, and call it a happy medium :) I am the oldest of five children. Yes, five, between both sides of my family. So, I definitely know a little bit about being an older sibling!

1. Hate: You get blamed for EVERYTHING!

You know it's true. I'll admit, I was a pretty feisty child growing up, so maybe I was to blame... but STILL! You are the oldest sibling, so YOU are responsible for what happens because you are the oldest, yada yada yada.

2. Love: You always got to be in charge when the parents are away

Some hate this, but I personally liked it! Mom would come in and say "I'll be back in a little bit, Britt, you're in charge." And I always got this huge grin on my face because my little brothers couldn't do anything about it. If they argued, all I had to do was threaten a phone call to mom and all was well... Something about that power was just fascinating.. haha!

3. Hate: You always had more responsibility than the others

When it came to chores, you did more...because you were older and they knew you could handle it. Sometimes I didn't mind it, especially when we got an allowance for them, but being asked to do almost everything, got a tad annoying. I'm sure you can all agree!

4. Love: You're older and therefore you win..right?

You learn everything first. So basically, you win right? Duh. You're the first to reach middle school, then high school, while everyone else is stuck behind. You're the first to drive so you can leave and be all by yourself while the younger ones are stuck at home. First to go off to college and be free of parental rules. It's fabulous.

5. Hate: You always had to be the bigger person

Sometimes, you just wanted to retaliate and hit them back, but if you did, you were the one that got in trouble. Not them. "You're the oldest. You need to be the bigger person. You should know better." Well, sometimes that sucks and you don't want too. Amiright? Seriously.

6. Love: You always got the better stuff

Oldest privilege as I like to call it. Front seat? Mine. Tv? Mine. Biggest room? Definitely mine. These things were never really up for discussion. Sometimes mom would make us share, but most of the time, I lucked out because I was older and so I got the privileges.

7. Hate: You could never relate with the best things with them

Depending on how close in age you are, there is a good chance you grew up in different generations. You got to enjoy the best cartoons, like the original Scooby -Doo, Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Arthur, Blue's Clues etc. Sometimes they make a suprise appearance and your siblings look at it like it's crazy, and change the channel. Which you then proceed to freak out on them. It's sad. Just like the day when they ask you what a VCR is... depressing.

8. Love: You were they're protector, and they looked up to you for it

"Nobody messes with my little brother, but me." Famous phrase of all older siblings. I was queen of that. I gave my siblings hell a lot, but I was first at their side when someone else thought they could too. They knew I always have their back, and I'm proud of that.

9. Hate: You always had to keep the Santa secret

You were first to know about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc. But, your parents threatened you to not ruin it for your younger siblings. What's the fun in that?! You had everything ruined because once you found out, there went your extra gifts, while you had to go along with your parents and lie to your siblings. Oh, the agony!

10. Love: You get to watch all the littles grow up

This might actually be a love/hate thing in one. Watching your siblings grow up from little kids to elementary to middle school, high school and etc. is the coolest thing because you get to watch them learn new things and become their own person. It can also suck because that means they're getting older, you're getting older, and honestly, that is depressing.

Despite some of these, All in all, I wouldn't change being the older sibling for the world. I wouldn't be who I am without them. They have become some of my best friends and favorite people. <3

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