10 Things I Learned My First Semester Living on Campus
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Student Life

10 Things I Learned My First Semester Living on Campus

It's not easy but it's worth the experience

10 Things I Learned My First Semester Living on Campus
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When beginning college I didn't really know what to expect. I was completely new to the whole living on campus experience. Even though, I took classes at Central Piedmont Community College last year that does not prepare you for actually going to a university. Like @__jalexeyah says on twitter, " High school doesnt prepare you for college, first semester of college prepares you for college!!!!!!" Here is a list of things that I have learned over this first semester living on campus at UNCC.

1. Parking is a Major Struggle

When it comes to parking at UNC Charlotte it is like fighting till death for a parking spot. Especially in the decks. With me living on campus I would like to be able to just find a parking spot easily and not spend ten to fifteen minutes going in circles trying to find one. Since there are a lot of commuters that come to UNCC there is not enough parking for everyone. Which, I think is not very fair for the ones that live on campus and have to park a mile away from their building they live in. "What is an extreme sport?" Finding a parking spot at UNC Charlotte.

2. Dorm Bathrooms Are Terrible

When I first found out where I would be living this semester I already knew I was going to hate the bathrooms. One of my friends lived in Moore last year therefore, I knew exactly what I was in for. Sharing a bathroom is not ideal for anyone. I want to be able to sing loudly in the shower and not have to worry about someone coming in, privacy, and the stalls make you feel like you're at a run-down restaurant. The showers are ok but the water is very bipolar. Sometimes there is hot water, luke-warm water, or just cold water. It's a real hit or miss. The main thing to know is shower shoes are a lifesaver.

3. Living With Someone Isn't That Bad

Going into my first semester I did not have a roommate that I had known or was a friend that I requested to live with. I was assigned a random roommate. Before moving in we did communicate a little bit over text so, we wouldn't be complete strangers when moving in. With my roommate, she was very respectful and nice. I was the same of course. We would share things such as appliances; coffee maker, refrigerator, and microwave. Also, things like trash bags and k-cups. Neither of us was loud while the other was sleeping or studying and we gave each other space and alone time. I personally think it is a good idea to have a roommate that you don't really know but have some similar interests as you.

4. I'm an old lady

Your typical college student is known to stay up really late doing work, studying, or partying. Which, in all honesty, I thought I was going to be that college kid. I quickly learned that I most definitely am not. I'm an old lady. This whole semester there were only a few times that I went to bed after 12 am or actually went out with friends. I spent most of my time after class doing my work then, watching Netflix or Youtube. I also spent a lot of time at my boyfriend's house but even there, I went to bed before 12 am. I would always do my "before bed routine" then get into my raised bed around nine-forty or ten. I was a very boring person this semester.

5. Lists are Important

To do lists have become a major staple in my life. I literally make a list every day about anything. Ill make grocery lists, things I need for my dorm or just things I need to do that day. Making lists make me feel more put together and like I am actually being responsible. The best moment is when I have marked things off that I have done or gotten from the story and I feel accomplished.

6. Calling Your Mom is Important

I make calling my mom every day or every other day a ritual. I will call her just to see what she is doing or tell her about my day. I mainly end up ranting about something that is bothering me or just comes up in our conversation. At the beginning of the semester, I was a bad daughter and did not call her for like two weeks or more. Not good. Over time, I got so much better and actually called her more frequently. Like my dad always says, "Don't worry about calling me. Always call your mom."

7. Headphones and Sleeping Masks

With living in a tower building the walls are thin and everyone is so close together. Therefore, you can hear literally everything and everyone around you. This is where headphones come in. When trying to sleep or study but the person next to you is being obnoxious and loud, pop those headphones in and tune them out. I have had to do this more times than I would like. As for sleeping masks, they are a must where my room is located. My dorm is facing University City Blvd and the sun loves this side. If you want to sleep in think again. The sun will be all up in your face, unless, you have a sleep mask, or just out the covers over your face.

8. Coffee is My Best Friend

This is definitely something that I already knew before this semester but I have realized how dependent I have become on coffee. Every morning I wake up and drink FitCoffee before I do anything. Then, usually after class or around twelve I want real coffee. I would go to Starbucks almost every day and get an iced coffee or latte. Anytime I feel stressed or tired I immediately want coffee. I was spending so much money on it when I have my own coffee maker. I have been trying to be better about making my own coffee and drinking decaf. Coffee is my number one no matter what way it comes.

9. Organize

I like to think that I am a semi-organized person. I like things to be a certain way and in a specific area. With living in a dorm you really need to be organized or it can just be chaotic. Putting shoes under your bed or in a shoe holder is a great way to keep them out of the way but easy to get to. I store coffee, peanut butter, and other non-perishable foods in the wardrobe in a crate. I keep all of my makeup organized on my desk in desk organizer drawer thing. I have a drawer full of random things but it is pretty well organized. I keep books on one side, printer paper and coloring books on one side, and a small crate with cords and other random things. I know where everything is even if it is not very neatly organized.

10. Enjoy the Experience

College is stressful and the living conditions may not all be the greatest but, you should enjoy the experience. I have learned to like my experience living in Moore Hall but will not really miss it next semester. I think everyone should go through the experience just to be able to say that they did it! You gain knowledge like how to make a full meal in the microwave to how to deal with the fact that you are probably going to fail that exam. It is just part of growing up and getting your degree. I am so glad I actually am able to go to college to have a better future for myself. So, if I have to living in a tiny dorm for a semester or two I will be fine with that.

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