10 Things I Learned From What I Witnessed On Fox Day
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10 Things I Learned From What I Witnessed On Fox Day

Going to the beach will certainly show you things you've never witnessed before.

10 Things I Learned From What I Witnessed On Fox Day

This year was the second Fox Day I’ve experienced at Rollins, and I was determined to live out the typical experience. Last year I had a much more relaxed day, venturing with close friends to Aquatica rather than the beach. Needless to say, this year I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I hopped on the party bus, trekked to the beach, and saw more people making out then I would have cared to and even made it back in time for dinner, but now I’ve experienced the true Fox Day. Here are a few things I witnessed, as well as some tips for future Fox Day experiences.

1. Someone got tased

Like what?! Ok, this person wasn’t a Rollins student. Rumor has it he was trying to sell marijuana to the mass of Rollins students gathered at Daytona. However, me and a few friends were close enough to witness his body turn limp with the electrocution as the security/lifeguards (I’m not sure what to call them — beach police) handcuffed him. Quite the site.

2. Is there really a need to get sh*t-faced?

I mean, I understand that Fox Day is exciting and often connotes alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you should get blackout drunk. Like, really? You’re going to travel with half your school to the beach and you’re going to get so drunk you can’t even walk? Seems pretty risky. Speaking as a woman, I can’t imagine anything more dangerous than being incredibly drunk and surrounded by other drunk college students that may or may not be coherent enough to look out for you. Seriously, if you’re going to drink at least have a sober buddy to make sure you don’t do anything too crazy.

3. Please stop making out. Please.

I knew it would happen, but I didn’t think it would happen THAT much. I mean, the way some of these people were going at it was as though they were the last humans on earth and had to start repopulating immediately.

4. Be aware of who you're riding a bus with

I rode on a bus with people that I felt comfortable and safe with; therefore I had an awesome time singing and dancing along with them. However, if you’re about to hop onto a bus with a group of people you don’t know, be wary. While none of this occurred on my bus, I heard instances of drug use and sexual activities occurring on several other buses. I know I just sounded kind of prudish but if that kind of stuff makes you uncomfortable, you may be better off driving with a friend.

5. Make it back for the barbecue

Rollins always holds a barbecue at the end of Fox Day which all students as well as the Winter Park community are invited to. This is one of my favorite times of the day considering you get free food and relaxation on Mills. I ate way more cookies and ice cream than I should have but I regret none of it. This is the time to wind down and talk about your day.

6. Remember you have class the next day

With the winding down in mind, remember that Fox Day is always in the middle of the week. There are no three-day weekends, meaning you’ll always have class the next day. This is sad, considering the whole day can be tainted by the thoughts of homework plaguing your mind. However this helps keep some students restrained, rather than having the student body run off into the night.

7. Make sure you know what you want to do for Fox Day in advance

This mostly applies to those planning to go to the beach Fox Day. Making sure you have a proper ride lined up, sunscreen and other beach supplies, as well as a plan for alcohol you or your friends plan to consume will make the day that much easier. You shouldn’t have to spend your Fox Day panicking because you can’t find a ride to the beach and everyone you know is already speeding towards Daytona.

8. Please watch your body parts

I saw two boobs on Fox Day, each belonging to a different girl, and neither of them was on purpose. Be aware if you’re going to drink that you’re also likely to be in a bathing suit. Make sure you’re aware of all your body parts so nothing too crazy starts hanging out. And with this being said…

9. Remember that cameras are everywhere

Seriously. The first thing Rollins students will want to do when they arrive at the beach will be take pictures and videos. There were several disturbing moments where guys were taking photos of girls that had passed out. If you’re going to drink, just know that there will always be that awful person ready with a camera.

10. Do something you actually want to do

If all your friends are going to the beach but you’d rather stay on campus, do that. If you want to party hard and go to Daytona, then do it safely. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. I wanted to go to the beach this year to experience the mass of Rollins on Fox Day, so I did it. However next year I have a feeling I’ll be looking more into sleeping in and enjoying on-campus activities to see what Rollins has to offer. Fox Day is supposed to be a fun day off of class, not a day to pressure you into excessive drinking. Do what you want to do, not what the entire student body wants you to do.

With all this in retrospect, I can confidently say I’ve had my Fox Day experience. I weaved through the cloud of Rollins Students at Daytona, experienced a party bus, and got sunburnt enough to never want to step outside again. This being said, next year I’ll probably be more likely to stay in Winter Park with a few friends rather than travel to the beach with half of Rollins.

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