Coming from a school where my graduating class was about 72 girls, I have learned that these girls become your family.

1) Uniforms can be great!

Yes, the skirt may be itchy and the blazer might not fit right. But, rolling out of bed in the morning without a care in the world is the best feeling!

2) A bare face is the best face.

There's no one to impress when you're surrounded by your girls. No need to put on a full face, cover up pimples, or even bother brushing your hair. No one judges you because they all know exactly how you feel.

3) Your opinion matters!

Don't be afraid to speak your mind! Your opinion is always important.

4) Establishing relationships with your teachers is key.

They can be your best friends, plus it always helps to have someone to turn to when school starts to become too much.

5) Art classes senior year are also a BIG KEY.

With all the rush to get things done on time before graduation, having that one class that melts the stress away is always important. I found that art classes really helped me forget about the tests, college applications, and papers for an hour.

6) News travels fast.

Do not do anything you don't want your whole grade to eventually find out about.

7) Perfecting the messy bun.

We all know what I'm talking about and just how important this is. It's the lazy hairstyle but, when perfected, is a fashion asset.

8) Graduation will be harder than you think.

The four most awkward years of your life were spent with these girls. They have become your family. No matter how many times you wished to be out of that school, when you're finally waiting for your name to be called up onto the stage, you realize these were the best four years of your life.

9) Always go back and visit. They miss you more than you'd think.

No matter how much you could not wait to get out of that small high school and see the world, your teachers will miss you long after you miss them. Going back to visit some of your favorite teachers to reminisce will always make their day (and yours!) a little brighter.

10) Returning makes you feel 20 years older than you are

Walking down the hallways is always hard when you start to remember the spots you used to hang out in or where you knew was the safest place to peak a look at your cell phone. When you go back and walk down those same halls you once 'ruled,' you see it all through a new perspective and somehow, high school feels like it was centuries ago. Although you will all go your separate ways, they will always be family.