10 Things I Learned My First 10 Weeks of College
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Student Life

10 Things I Learned My First 10 Weeks of College

It's a whirlwind of emotions.

10 Things I Learned My First 10 Weeks of College

College is a huge transition. I've enjoyed every minute of it. While I knew some of these things about college ahead of time, many of them I picked up on very quickly. Here's a handful of things that I've learned my first 10 weeks of college.

1. You're gonna meet some strange people.

Okay, maybe this one goes without saying. Lots of different people coming from different places equals some strange people. Strange doesn't neccessarily have to have a negative connotation.

2. You'll hear about roommate drama way more than you want to.

Even if you and your roommate(s) are doing just fine, you're bound to hear about everyone else fighting with their roommate. I thankfully got an amazing roommate and equally amazing suite mates. Pick who you live with wisely.

3. Spending money is so easy.

You'll find yourself spending a little bit here and there and that adds up really fast. Make sure to check your bank account every once in a while. Also, don't feel the need to online shop so often even though the Amazon Prime Student Deal is tempting.

4. You're going to gain weight.

Even if it is just a few pounds, it's going to happen. Just take advantage of the gym to prevent the dreaded 'Freshman Fifteen.'

5. There's positives and negatives to living in a dorm.

Living four doors down from your new-found best friend? Cool. Listening to people running in the hallway at 2 am? Not so much.

6. All professors aren't strict.

You're going to have some casual professors. Others, you'll be scared to cough in their class. Just be respectful until you get a read of the type of professor they are.

7. Smart people are and can be stupid.

You'll ask yourself how they even got into college. You'll also ask yourself if they have common sense or not. Your new friends are going to make stupid decisions. Your friends at other colleges are also going to make stupid decisions.

8. You're going to miss home.

I miss my family and my dogs all the time. While I am loving college, visiting home is always nice.

9. You need to call your mom more often than you would think.

Seriously, call her and talk about anything. She'll be happy to hear your voice and know that you're surviving. Even if you tell her what you had for lunch, she'll appreciate it.

10. College is way better than high school.

I loved high school. I thought it would be so much better than college. Boy, was I wrong. The freedom and atmosphere of college is amazing and I wouldn't change my decision to attend.

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