1. You were never hungry

My grandmother always makes sure that I have food in front of me… even when I'm not hungry. But with her cooking, I can’t complain.

2. You always had some cash in your pocket

I don’t think I can remember a time where either my grandmother or grandfather didn’t hand me some cash, whether it be 1 or 10 dollars... and for doing nothing at all.

3. You know how to cook

Living with my grandparents, I knew how to hold a spoon before anything else. Every dessert that was made was made by my grandma, and myself.

4. You're polite

Manners are essential to you. Grandparents are old fashioned, and because of this, you’re definitely able to impress adults, professors, or parents with your impeccable manners.

5. You either know how to sew, crotchet, or knit

This hobby was definitely taught to you, or picked up when spending time with your grandparents.

6. Writing letters doesn't seem old fashioned

My grandparents always made sure that I sent thank you letters, letters to update older family members, or letters to friends before I had access to technology. Although I don’t think I’ll be writing letters to my friends today, thank you cards are still something I’ll never forget to send.

7. You know a lot about your family

They’re able to tell you countless embarrassing stories about your mom or dad that may or may not serve as blackmail one day.

8. They've taught you qualities that will help you get through life

My grandmother has taught me to always give back and do what I can to help others in need. My grandfather showed me that it’s important to not always take life so seriously, and how humor and a smile could take you a long way. Grandparents are always full of wisdom, and are willing to extend it onto you.

Never question their advice.

9. Their love is unconditional

A grandparent’s love is so unique and not like any other. Their caring presence will always make you feel safe and reassured.

10. Anytime with them is time you'll hold onto

Grandparents aren’t with us for as long as we’d like, so any moment with them will always be worth it. Now that I’m away at college, anytime at home with my grandparent is time well spent, and time I’ll always hold close to me.