At 21, you should own at least a frying pan, a pot, and hopefully some garlic. These recipes are staples and can be tailored to your liking!

*Recipes aren't mine, but links are provided in the photos!*

1. An omelette

You should already know how to cook eggs, just add some vegetables and cheese so your breakfast looks less sad.

2. A chicken breast

Invest in a meat thermometer and look up a simple recipe for roasted chicken. Learn it. Add it to everything: pasta, sandwiches, and more. Remember that pepper may be too spicy for some people, so use it sparingly.

3. Pasta

I am not talking about handcrafted pasta. You should know how to boil water and cook noodles so they are no longer crunchy. Sorry college boys, ramen doesn't count!

4. Chili

Throw meat into a pot, add beans, tomatoes, spices, and vegetables. Bam, you have dinner for the whole week. Chili is also really affordable for the amount of volume you get. We have to pay our rent with four roommates somehow! This affordable recipe is a must.

5. Grilled cheese

I am not talking about Kraft Singles and white bread. You should know how to mix different types of cheeses and bread to make a fantastic lunchtime sandwich.

6. Pancakes

You can honestly just do a box recipe. Just cook them correctly, get a higher quality syrup, and it will impress whoever you had over last night.

7. A salad (not from a bag)

Yes, you could buy those Dole salad packs, but have some vinaigrette in your fridge. Add a spring mix, some cut vegetables, and a protein source so you can meet your #fitnessgoals.

8. A good cocktail or two

Even though Gatorade and Vodka are a good match, it might not be the best thing when hosting (or when you're drinking alone, I don't judge).

9. Rice

Invest in a rice cooker, you can get one for less than 20 dollars at Target. No one wants gruel when trying to make homemade Chipotle bowls.

10. Guacamole

One of the easiest things to make, plus you'll impress everyone with this at school. Put it on some toast, and stare at your student loan debt!