10 Things I've Learned From Moving In

10 Things I've Learned From Moving In

What is it really like moving in together?

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along."

Once we fall in love with someone, and I mean truly fall in love with them - it's hard to not imagine what your future together might look like. Something that I have always firmly believed in is that you need to live with someone first before even thinking about marriage. My boyfriend and I waited until I graduated college to live together, and even then we had to wait an additional six months since I had taken a position to live and work in the smoky mountains (best experience ever). Now by this time we had been dating for just a little over two years, so we were very eager to have our own place together. We went through a decent amount of phases in those first two years from: living on the same college campus, to him living off-campus (only five minutes away), to him moving two hours away for a full-time job, to me moving four hours away for my six month position, to now finally living together. It was a roller coaster to say the least.

I was very excited for us to finally move in together, but I found that my perception of what it would be like was very glamorized. Essentially I went into it thinking it would be all fun all the time, or as all the tumblr posts refer to it, "a never ending sleepover with your best friend". In living together I've found that we truly enjoy each other's company, so it is fun most of the time, but there are other times where it's not all so "happy-go-lucky". I constantly see posts on Instagram and Facebook about how girls can't wait to move in with their significant other because they have all of these plans, and they imagine how fun it will be to cook together, do laundry together, and have so much fun being domestic together - and all I have to say to that is just no. We try to paint this picture that everything will be perfect and great all the time, but one of the toughest things we need to accept is that we are all human, and we are messy and emotional beings that are prone to making mistakes or simply, not being perfect all the time. So, I thought I'd share some lessons I've learned in moving in and living with my significant other!

1. You're not going to wake up every morning and have breakfast together. Honestly, you'll be lucky if you have more than five minutes of conversation in the morning between the both of you (or maybe just you) running around to get ready on time.

2. You will fight over the very stupid, little things that you once promised each other you never would. But in all seriousness, is it really that hard to put your pants in the laundry basket instead of on the floor....right next to it.......

3. You won't always have dinner together because odds are that your schedules won't always be in sync.

4. Movie night isn't some adorable night filled with popcorn and pillow forts and cuddling. You don't even really have time to watch movies anymore, unless it's a Friday night, but odds are you're already exhausted and want to go to bed by 9pm. Exception would be if you're binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix, because you can both definitely stay up for that.

5. You will find things about each other that you don't like, or that you never thought would bother you and that's okay! Like I said, no one is perfect.

6. You're going to see them for who they really are, and they're going to see the sides of you that you don't want them to see. This is really important - because this needs to happen if your relationship is really going to work. You need to see each other mad, let them see you when you cry, watch them as they handle stressful situations, see each other at your weakest.

7. You can't run away or walk out when you're fighting. You live together now, the furthest you can go is the next room - unless you want to be really dramatic and get in your car and drive somewhere, but I strongly advise against that. You'll learn you can't run away from your problems (literally).

8. It's not always romantic all the time, but you'll find peace in being able to be comfortable around them.

9. They're going to see you without your makeup and hair all done up, and they're still going to love you. They'll show you that you have no reason to feel insecure with yourself.

10. Most importantly, through the ups and downs of living together, I've learned that yeah, we're going to make it, and life together is pretty great.

Keep all of these in mind when you imagine what it will be like living together, because odds are that it will be harder than you think - but definitely worth it. Plus like I said, if you really enjoy each other, it really is fun most of the time!

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The concept of having "a person" was first introduced by "Grey's Anatomy," and took off faster than I'm sure the writers expected. For a lot of us, our person is far away. Here are some things that happen when this is you and your person:

1. You will have separation anxiety right off the bat.

2. You get irrationally jealous when they post a picture with someone else.

3. You literally text each other about everything, and I mean everything.

4. You know better than to call them if you have less than an hour to talk.

5. You stalk their Instagram so you still feel like a part of their life.

6. All your school friends know who they are because you're constantly telling stories about them.

7. When you come home for breaks they're usually the first person you see.

8. They're also usually the last person you see.

9. Your Snapchat streak is abnormally high.

10. You tell them you love them more than your significant other.

11. You send an average of 400 texts to each other in one day.

12. You miss having someone you don't have to explain anything to.

To my person, I love you no matter the distance! Thanks for always being there for me.

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Please Stop Your PDA, It's Annoying And Gross

To be fair, PDA isn't your typical peck on the lips, kiss on the cheek, or tug on the chin.


I'm enraged— I'm itching as I write this in the computer lab.

A couple was across from me, whispering, giggling, and shamelessly locking lips in front of at least 30 people. Maybe the others didn't mind, but it makes me uncomfortable. Like, please, everyone, save your Kim Kardashian sex tape rehearsals for the bedrooms. I watch enough fictionalized public display of affection on TV. Stop it.

If most of you don't know what public display of affection is, it's clear as day. Wouldn't you feel uncomfortable if a couple was randomly swapping saliva next to you? On a bus? At a party? In your neighborhood? To be fair, PDA isn't your typical peck on the lips, kiss on the cheek, or tug on the chin. No, no. It's the constant touching, cuddling, holding hands, and sloppy kisses on the park bench. Honestly, it depends on the degree of the display.

Frankly, I despise anyone who finds the need to exhibit their intimacy to the world. It's not because I'm bitter and single. I know I look like a baked potato. It's just utterly uncomfortable to witness, especially if you're in great proximity with that couple. And, also, to those desperate Instagram flaunters, you're not safe. It's annoying to scroll down at your "candid" photos with your boyfriends and girlfriends.

We don't care. You're in a relationship, congratu-freaking-lations.

I'm all for love, and I won't knock any couple for their affection. But, why do you have to force your affection on strangers? Hell, even people you're close to? Do you know how many times I've been a third wheel in college, and I had to watch the other two cuddle and kiss across from me at a Panera Bread table?

I've been to a Lana Del Rey concert, general admissions floor, and there were literally so many couples holding each other, making out, and I'm here to see Lana, not to see your happily ever after. I'm not in the mood to see two people kissing after everyone screams "Happy New Year!" or when the fireworks hit on Independence Day.

I'm on the boardwalk to enjoy the beach weather—and to window shop, but I didn't ask to see you holding hands or making out like you're in a corny teen flick. Oh my god, stop it.

It's just not fair for others to witness what you're doing with each other, and I'm not hinting that if I were in a relationship, I'd be involved in PDA.

I'm just saying that too much is too ridiculous. Do it on your own time. But, even with me saying this, people are going to do whatever they please.


"iT's A fReE cOuNTrY"

"wHy aRe yOu lOoKiNg aNyWaY?"

Do us lonely hearts a favor: calm it down with the PDA. A kiss on the lips won't make me vomit. But witnessing a 4-minute make-out session will.

Thank you.

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