10 Things You Can Do Instead Of A Summer Internship
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10 Things You Can Do Instead Of A Summer Internship

It's not just going to the beach.

10 Things You Can Do Instead Of A Summer Internship

Sometimes, summer internships don't work out. You can apply to dozens, interview for a bunch, and still hear the dreaded "Sorry, we've filled the position" or "You're not exactly what we're looking for." If you are internship-less this summer, don't fret -- there's tons of other fun and productive ways to spend your break! Here are just a few:

1. Get a job

Waiter, camp counselor, bartender, dog walker -- anything that'll help you stay busy and make a few bucks.

2. Take a summer class

Why not use your free time to get some credits or required courses out of the way?

3. Babysit

Someone always needs a babysitter, and you get paid way better than you would at a day job.

4. Volunteer

Do some good for others! Plus, you can add those hours to your resume.

5. Do something online

Start a blog, write articles for Odyssey, make Youtube videos; just do something to keep your creativity flowing.

6. Work on your resume

Take this time to really fine tune your resume and perfect it for your next round of applications. Research the jobs you want, and make your resume show what a great candidate you are for them!

7. Work on a hobby

Take a hobby you haven't had time for during the semester and try to get better at it! It could be knitting, woodworking, coding, drawing, anything!

8. Travel

You will probably never have this much free time in your life again until retirement. Take advantage of that, and go explore somewhere new!

9. Learn something new

Take a cooking class, learn a new sport, try photography!

10. Relax.

Not having a summer internship is not the end of the world. Take the time to relax, enjoy having few responsibilities for the moment, make some money, and get ready to snag some incredible job offers in the future after four years of hard work.

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