10 Things Incoming Freshmen Need To Know Before Starting At Merrimack College

10 Things Incoming Freshmen Need To Know Before Starting At Merrimack College

Get the scoop before heading to school.


To say the least, college can be a whirlwind and kinda scary at the same time when you first step onto campus. Well, have no fear, because Merrimack is the place to be! There are a few things you should know before move-in day. Everyone here feels like one big family, and you will find that there are hidden gems all over campus. So here are a few to get you started on your journey into Merrimack!

1. Getting Involved

At MC, you will find that students are just as serious about their academics as they are about getting involved! You will find that at least everyone at Merrimack is involved in something, whether it is Campus Ministry, Intramurals, Greek Life or being an Orientation Leader; everyone plays their part at MC well. (And almost everyone will tell you: to make the most out of college, you gotta be involved in some way, shape or form that fits you!)

2. Getting The Help You Need

Struggling with that paper? Can't find those resources you need? Did you know that our librarians are the nicest people in the world? Yes, all you have to do is just ask for help. They are trained to help you find resources on any topic you need!

3. More Help!

Speaking of Library, did you know that you can get help with your essays and homework? Use the Academic Success Center; your grades will surely improve!

4. Need a Snack?

Need to study or need a snack? The McQuade Library has that too! Zime is on the first floor and offers a modern bakery that has just what you need. (Plus they accept Mack Cards!)

5. Dunks.

Isn't it nice we have one right? It is always super busy at peak time, so you just have to watch out for those!

6. Hockey Games!

You don't really go to MC if you don't go to games. You can't miss them!

7. Mendel Pond

When the weather is nice, this is a great place to hang out or to study!

8. The Den

The Den is the best place to get a quick bite to eat or a late night snack if you're craving chicken nuggets or ice cream! (Try not to use your Mack Card all in one place)

9. To-Go Containers

Take advantage of the "To-go Containers" that Sparky's offers! It's great for those days where it's too crowded or you just don't have the time!

10. Don't forget about Starbucks!

The Sanctuary is home to Starbucks coffee and also a great place to hang out and study. And of course, to grab a coffee!

These are just a few things to get you started on your journey here at MC. I'm sure you will find that at Merrimack College, there are more than just these few, but these you will not only discover on your own but find with the help of all other Warriors.

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