10 Things I'm Bringing With Me On Spring Break
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10 Things I'm Bringing With Me On Spring Break

Puerta Vallarta Bound

10 Things I'm Bringing With Me On Spring Break
Garza Blanca Resort

In just over a week, I'll be leaving for Spring Break in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico with my roommate and her fiancé. I've never been on a trip like this, but I've been learning what I need to take with me. I've been working and saving my money for months for this trip. I've budgeted, and made a list. Here are all of the important things I'm bringing with me to Mexico (And you should, too!)

1. Sunscreen

Mexico is going to be hot, and it's a lot closer to the equator than I'm use to. If you're fair skinned like me, start getting a base tan about a month or two before, and bring a strong sunscreen to apply multiple times a day. It'll prevent burns, and even more importantly: skin cancer.

2. Multiple swimsuits

How could I choose just one? Maybe this isn't completely necessary, but I bought swimsuits on clearance around Christmas, and am bringing three with me.

3. Vibedration

My new Vibedration pack is going to be my best friend. I can wear it around when we go hiking and ziplining, so I'll stay hydrated the entire trip.

4. Longboards

We just decided this the other day. If we can fit our smaller boards in with our luggage, they'll be an excellent mode of transportation.

5. Hats

I have a few different hats I'm bringing with to keep the sun off my face. They're about as important as sunscreen.

6. More money than I will probably need.

People frequently forget that one dollar is around 20 pesos. Things are not always cheaper in Mexico just because of the currency difference. As Heather put it, "They don't have a dollar store, they have a 20 pesos store." They make up the difference with their prices, so I'm bringing a little more than I plan to spend, just in case.

7. My phone on airplane mode

Please, do not try to call me in Mexico. I won't answer. The message and data rates will be insane, and I won't do that to my dad, and our phone bill. My phone will be on airplane mode, and it's basically a digital camera while I'm there.

8. An open mind

I am most excited to experience the culture in Mexico. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to be a white, American female in a country that isn't completely happy with us right now. My guard will be up, and I'll probably hear my dad telling me to be careful the entire time. But I'm going to keep an open mind, work on my Spanish, and meet new people. The rich history and culture is 80% of the experience.

9. My passport

I have had nightmares about forgetting my passport at home. No passport, no trip.

10. A book for the plane

After looking at the flight info, we're looking at not only several hours in the air, but several hours in the airport. What better time to catch up on reading my textbooks?

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