10 Signs You Are Actually A Master Procrastinator

10 Signs You Are Actually A Master Procrastinator

On a scale of one to organizing your socks by color, where do you fall?

As finals period creeps up on us, we all should be studying for exams. Sometimes that just doesn't happen though, not because you don't want to study, but... never mind, it's actually because you don't want to study.

Here are ten things I'd rather do (and may have already done) to put off studying for finals.

1. Binge-watch shows on Netflix.

Just one more episode, one more!

2. Clean my entire room.

If you know me, you know it's real procrastination if I'm prepared to do this instead of study.


Since we typically lose so much sleep during finals week, why not change it up this year?

4. Learn to knit.

Yes, I procrastiknit.

5. Dye my hair.

Bonus points if it's a cool color.

6. Bake cookies.

Have your cookies and eat them too!

7. Reorganize my desk…. twice.

Because who can work at a messy desk?

8. Go on Tumblr (and probably never return).

Let's face it. Tumblr is a huge rabbit hole; once you jump into it, you never come back.

9. Sleep again.

Need I say more?

10. Write this Odyssey article.

Oh wait... what do I do now?

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All Majors Should Take A Television Course

You'll thank me later.

This quarter I started my first film/TV class. It's an introductory level course to television genres. While my major is writing related (journalism,) I'm not creative when it comes to storylines and actually creating.

Honestly, I wasn't really sure what to expect going in as some of the main reasons I enrolled were only because it fulfilled a general requirement and was offered online, lightening my load as a commuter this year.

It's only the fourth week of the course and I love it.

As a non-film/TV major, it's an intro level course so it's taught in basic vocabulary that any tv watcher can understand. Our "textbooks" consists of chapters explaining the fame and history of some of the most recognizable television shows in history. I never really considered how different certain types of shows can be and how much goes into each of them. You learn so many fun facts and details about some of your favorite old television shows.

So far, assignments have consisted of watching specific episodes of sitcoms like "Roseanne" and "Friends," dramas like "LOST" and classics like "I Love Lucy" and relating them to lecture topics. The readings aren't dreadful either because they're filled with details we as watchers didn't know or think about. Who doesn't want an excuse to watch tv shows and know that you're getting homework done?

No matter what your major is, if you can take a film or television related class to fulfill a requirement, go for it. Why not take your mind off of some of the more demanding classes and watch some tv for homework?

Cover Image Credit: instagram.com/friends

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5 Stages Of Going Back To School As Told By The Office

Theres no place like campus....

Ahhh break is over, and its time to head back to school. All different emotions go through your head as you get back to campus. Here are the 5 stages of going back to school, told by The Office.

1. Finally, I get to be back with all my friends

Time to raise the roof!!!!

2. But I do have to say, I already miss home cooked meals

Back to the good ole' dining hall food

3. Wait I have to go back to actually doing homework?

This isn't happening right now

4. At least I get to be with my friends 24/7 now

I'm not sure they will feel the same way honestly

5. But at the end of the day, there is no place like campus

Always happy to be back

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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