This summer, I accepted an internship out-of-state and I never thought I would see the day where I could say I genuinely miss Tallahassee and all the little things it has to offer.

1. All the good eats

Pho 7, I miss you so much.

2. Drink specials

Nothing beats MadSo's monthly challenge or all you can drink at Bulls.

3. Jogging routes

Have you ever jogged during the sunrise at Lake Ella? Cascades Park? Lafayette Park?

4. Publix

The closest Publix to me is two hours away. An entire summer without Pub Subs is a true Floridan tragedy.

5. Trees

For the record, I have no idea what species they are -I'm assuming they're oak- but if you're from Tallahassee, you probably already know what trees I'm talking about because you can't miss them.

6. Events

Three words: food truck Thursdays.

7. Convenience

The perks of living in a college town? Everything is either open super late or 24/7 and they're close to one another.

8. FSU

A part of me even misses Club Strozier, who has been there for me through the best and worst of times.

9. Home

I genuinely miss my little apartment in Tallahassee. Nothing beats the comfort of your own bed, homemade meals, and making sure your plants are still alive through the summer heat.

10. Tally Cat Cafe

This deserved a mention of its own. I miss studying here, the cats that would frequent the windows, and the movie nights.