10 Things 'High School Musical' Taught Me

10 Things 'High School Musical' Taught Me

That still matter 10 years later.

Everyone's favorite Disney sing-a-long turned 10 years old this past week and I couldn't help but to reminisce in all the joy that this trilogy of movies brought to my life. I celebrated with several jam sessions and I even watched the reunion on TV with my eight- and ten-year-old cousins (yes, I chose to surround myself with people who shared my same level of enthusiasm).

While I'm thankful for the image of a high school boyfriend that Troy Bolton painted, the fashion knowledge I gained from Sharpay and that Zeke Baylor introduced me to the word creme brûlée, I'm more thankful for the lessons I didn't realize I was learning during all the dance routines. While high school was by no means a musical, we can actually gather a few solid truths about life from these otherwise unrealistic movies.

1. Life is better when you sing.

2. Sometimes you've got to go your own way, so that you can get back to the right way.

3. The status quo is boring, and life is full of so much more when you break it.

4. Boys have problems too.

5. High school love is the purest, sweetest and most innocent love there is.

6. Your siblings are the only people that you can count on to always be there for you.

7. You should surround yourself with people that you want to be with everyday of your life. You want to find them there, want to hold on tight.

8. Sometimes the people you don't want in your life are exactly those you need.

9. The people who stay true to themselves, at least for three whole movies, are those who succeed.

10. All good things must come to an end. Even those things that seem perfect.

Cover Image Credit: http://talknerdywithus.com/2016/01/17/news-high-school-musical-reunion/

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