Congratulations HC students! You've made it through midterm (hell) week, and are kicking back and enjoying a week of no classes. It's the time to forget all of the information that you crammed into your head last week, and simply relax. So sit down, take a breather, and don't worry about that assignment due right after least not until Sunday. So whatever you're up to, here are 10 things HC students may find themselves doing at some point this week.

1. Sleeping in

Don't wake me up before 11.

2. Staying up past 2am watching Netflix

It's fine, this is why #1 is important.

3. Snapping our friends at other schools who have class.

How's class today? Ouch...studying I see.

4. Eating homemade food.

Bless you, Mom.

5. Traveling

It brings out the best in all of us.

6. Visiting your high school friends at their school


7. Spending an entire day on the couch's more like:

8. Cuddling dogs/cats/pets of all kinds

Pure happiness.

9. Hanging with the family

Sometimes, it's just so good to be home.

And finally,

10. Not sparing one thought about #academics.

Treat yo self.