10 Things Girls Secretly Love To Do
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10 Things Girls Secretly Love To Do

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10 Things Girls Secretly Love To Do

There are moments in any girl's life where they have the opportunity to feel like the character in a movie. Maybe their favorite song is playing as they drive down the road and approach their house for the first time since spring break, or maybe it's dramatically looking out of a train window while listening to some emotional song. More often than you would think, girls do things, probably subconsciously, that make them the star of this little movie that goes on in their heads.

Here is a list of 10 things girls secretly love to do to make themselves feel like heroes.

1. Tucking in the tags on other peoples shirts.

God forbid any girl walks around with her shirt tag hanging out! Don't worry ladies, we're all on the look out for each other. If your tag is sticking out, you can bet some girl somewhere senses it, and she will be right there to tuck it in. After making sure the whole ordeal hasn't traumatized you, we'll throw you a knowing look, or maybe even a wink, that says, "We got this" and "I know you'd do the same for me."

2. Giving tampons to the girls who hate us.

Giving someone a tampon is like igniting the fire of friendship. Once I gave someone a tampon and they became one of my best friends. Carrie gave a hostess a tampon and she never had trouble getting a table at that restaurant again. Either way, once you give someone a tampon, they kind of have to like you. That's why girls secretly love giving tampons to the girls we know hate us -- it's almost as if when you're saying, "Yeah, I have an extra, no problem," you really mean, "Haha! Now you have to like me, sucker!"

3. Dancing around in our underwear.

It's very Brittany Murphy in "Uptown Girls" meets Kirsten Dunst in "Bring It On," meets Lizzie McGuire crashing and falling into the bathtub on her middle school graduation day. It's fun, it's liberating, it's a great way to procrastinate cleaning your room, and if you have a hairbrush to top it off, then who's better than you?

4. Fixing the catch on each others' necklaces.

When we're not tearing each other down, girls love to help other girls -- even if it's in the most meaningless way possible. We run around fixing each others' necklaces when the catch makes its way to the front, and then recenter the pretty charm so that girl knows we're looking out for her. This way, if I ever have spinach in my teeth, I can count on her to let me know.

5. Flaunting our domesticity.

Now, it's one thing for someone to say that women belong in the kitchen --it's degrading, and tacky, and so not this season -- but when a guy asks us to make him a grilled cheese how can we say no? We have to feed him, we have to make sure he knows that our grilled cheese is better than his ex-girlfriends, and we have to make it effortlessly. It's in our blood. So if/when you ask me to make you lunch, and I complain before I do it anyway, I secretly love that shit.

6. Talking during a movie.

Even if we are both seeing the movie for the first time, I will be asking you approximately every 15 minutes, "Oh my god, what's happening? What is going to happen -- oh my god." Then, I will proceed to guess what will happen, and if I'm right, then my annoying monologue will change to, "I told you they were going to fall in love. I told you -- don't you remember? I said it right after she tripped in front of him in that store. I told you!"

This one isn't so secret, anyone who's ever watched a movie with me, or most girls, know: I will talk over important dialogue, and if I guessed the plot, you won't hear the end of it for at least three hours. Guessing the plot It makes us feel so smart, like we are so in touch with the human condition. How could you have not guessed it? I guess we're just more of a people person than you.

7. Gossiping.

I know this may seem obvious, and kind of offensive, but let me explain. Gossip is no longer about the actual act of telling each other what you know about someone else- but rather guessing the story behind it. Tommy and Lisa broke up -- but why? Did he cheat? Is she moving? When we can't actually figure out what happened, we guess, we make up stories with our friends and see how it actually pans out. When we're right, we aren't surprised, and when we're wrong- well how could we have been right, we were just guessing!

8. Complimenting people.

Sincere compliments can go a long way, they make people smile and feel good about themselves. Girls love giving compliments, but not just so they make you feel better about yourself. Girls love to give compliments because making you feel good about that outfit, makes them feel good too... You may also get a compliment back, which definitely doesn't hurt.

9. Being the voice of reason.

Girls love not only to have each others backs, but we love to be the voice of reason for our friends. Girls thrive off of being the hard ass friend. The one to say, "Definitely not. No." When you ask, "You don't think I should call him right?" Maybe we can't be that voice of reason for ourselves, but we sure as hell love doing it for our friends.

10. Secretly wanting to become your mother.

We complain about our mom being on our ass all the time, or mock her for the way she doesn't know how to use her iPhone, but at the end of the day you put your night cream on in the same circles. We may outwardly hate the idea of turning into them, we secretly love looking in the mirror and turning into the strong and incredible woman we've looked up to our whole lives -- our mothers.

I'm sure nothing on this list shocked you. It's not like I said girls secretly love stacking saltines with grape jelly, and eating them one by one, while standing, in our respective kitchens.

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