Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people who loses like a lot of super important stuff. I just, have a habit of losing some things OVER and OVER and OVER again. If you are anything like me, you probably lose these things a lot too.

1. Pens

I literally love pens and spend a lot of time picking them out. Yet, somehow after a few times writing with them, I always seem to misplace them.

2. Hair Ties

I ALWAYS lose hair ties. One day you have a whole pack, the next day you have none.

3. Coffee Cups

I don't mean the throw-away paper ones, I am like coffee tumblers. I am the queen of leaving them somewhere and not remembering where I left them.

4. Bobby Pins

Kinda like the hair ties. I never know where my bobby pins are.

5. Earring Backings

This one makes me so upset because somehow I always drop my earring backings on the floor and they are never to be found again. Which makes wearing your favorite pair of earrings very difficult.

6. Socks

That laundry monster definitely exists. Like why are all my socks mismatched???

7. My keys

This one is probably the worst. But I don't leave them places, I really just always forget they are in my door.

8. Coffee Punch Cards

For all the times I go to Starbucks and bubble tea, you would think I would keep my punch cards front and center in my wallet. Nope, I am that girl with 5 different cards each with one punch, when I randomly find them.

9. My glasses

Once they are off my face, they are basically officially lost even if they are right in front of my face.

10. The Coat Check Tag

Granted this only happened once, but boy was it a bad time. Luckily, I did find it later in the night before I had to explain to the coat check guard what distinguished my black winter coat from all the other black winter coats.