10 Things Every Junior In High School Can Relate To

The different levels of high school all affect a person in some way but when you get higher up it's like a train hit you and you can't get up. The best advice is to have fun even while it is stressful because as soon as you graduate I have heard you'll miss it more than ever and I believe it. It's okay to fail a test every now and then and it's okay to not want to go to school a couple days out of the year because everyone needs a break at some point.

Yes, finals are very stressful but you will get through them and you'll get into that college. Just keep pushing and don't give up.

1. The ACT will kick your tail

Taking this test over, over, and over again is stress on a whole different level.

2. Dual Enrollment and AP classes WILL consume your life 

Homework. Every. Single. Day.

3. You have to start thinking about college

Counselors continually remind you of when scholarship deadlines are

4. The question, "What are you planning to be when you get out of high school?" is asked at least 5 times a week

Please stop asking. We don´t know.

5. Stress is a understatement 

Too much work and not enough time

6. You start to find your friend group

This happens through every stage of high school but more junior year

7. You do NOT have to have a date to go to prom

Go looking like a queen without anyone stopping you

8. Do not play around. Pass those classes

Your life depends on you passing and so does your college acceptence

9. Work hard

Work hard. It will pay off

10. You have this year and next year left

Make the best out of these two years. It will be gone before you know it

Every grade has their own challenges. Don´t take a minute for granted. You think you hate it now just wait till you get into the real world. Junior of High School is very, very stressful compared to freshman and sophomore year.

“You're gonna miss this. You're gonna want this back. You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast."

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