10 Things Every Firefighter Girlfriend Can Relate To

10 Things Every Firefighter Girlfriend Can Relate To


Firefighting is unique compared to most jobs and one person who can always attest to this is a firefighter girlfriend. Dating someone who runs into burning buildings for a living, you get used to things that most normal girlfriends don’t ever experience and eventually gain more knowledge about firefighting than you ever thought possible. From lingo to equipment to fire humor, you hear it all and it becomes part of your lifestyle too. Whether your firefighter is a volunteer or a career, a recruit or a chief, here are 10 things that every firefighter girlfriend can relate to.

1. The moment when you’re out with your man, doing normal couple things, and his radio/pager goes off.

You’re out on a date, you’re spending quality time with your man when you hear the dreaded tone of his radio and the static as the dispatcher starts rattling off details about the call. If you’re out in public, everyone turns their heads. Everyone.

2. Always looking for firefighting related gifts.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, you name it, you are always looking for a gift idea related to firefighting. Sweatshirts, homemade gifts, cute trinkets, the list goes on and on. Luckily, Amazon never disappoints!

3. Getting slightly excited when your firefighter asks you if you want to go to the station with him.

Admit it, we all get a little eager. Fire station visits aren’t just interesting for little kids! Walking around and taking in all the different equipment and gear is fun and actually pretty fascinating. The best part? Sitting in an engine with your man and taking cute pics in his helmet, duh!

4. So. Much. Gear.

We love the way our men look in their gear (all 75 pounds of it). And let’s be honest, we’ve all laughed at how they now keep their boots sitting under their jeans, ready to put on at a moment’s notice, even at home.

5. You’re probably one of the few people who isn’t a firefighter who knows there are actually 2 types of fire vehicles.

Yeah, nobody on the street really knows the difference but you sure do! There are fire engines and there are fire trucks. We’ve all been quizzed by our man when one flies by on the street, just to see if we actually pay attention. And we dutifully answer, because we all know that engines pump water and trucks carry the big ladders, right ladies?

6. Every time you hear an emergency siren of any kind, you know exactly what it is.

Fire truck, ambulance and police car sirens are not the same. Go figure!

7. Fire station apparel is a must.

If you’re anything like me, the minute your man tells you the station is doing a bulk order of apparel, of course you have to get some. Repping your firefighter’s station feels kind of like wearing a badge of honor, especially when people ask about it.

8. You get excited when you see a truck or engine on the street when you aren’t with him.

Because it reminds you of your man and the great things he does!

9.Accepting the fact that yes, the man you love is putting his life on the line constantly.

It’s not something that is easy to deal with or understand, especially when you love him so much and care about his safety.

10. But you are so proud and supportive of him anyway.

Saying that your boyfriend is a firefighter feels like saying you’re dating a superhero and people’s reactions to it makes it even more rewarding. At the end of the day, you are proud to be a firefighter girlfriend because you know your man is a hero.

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Why Girls Love The Dad Bod


In case you haven't noticed lately, girls are all about that dad bod. Girls have been dealing with body image issues since the beginning of time until recent (for those of you who consider yourselves to be "Thick thin") I hadn't heard about this body type until my roommate mentioned it. She used to be crazy over guys she claimed had the dad bod. After observing the guys she found attractive, I came to understand this body type well and was able to identify it. The dad bod is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. The dad bod says, "I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time." It's not an overweight guy, but it isn't one with washboard abs, either.

The dad bod is a new trend and fraternity boys everywhere seem to be rejoicing. Turns out skipping the gym for a few brews last Thursday after class turned out to be in their favor. While we all love a sculpted guy, there is just something about the dad bod that makes boys seem more human, natural, and attractive. Here are a few reasons that girls are crazy about the dad bod.

It doesn't intimidate us.
Few things are worse than taking a picture in a bathing suit, one being taking a picture in a bathing suit with a guy who is crazy fit. We don't want a guy that makes us feel insecure about our body. We are insecure enough as it is. We don't need a perfectly sculpted guy standing next to us to make us feel worse.

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We like being the pretty one.

We love people saying "they look cute together." But we still like being the center of attention. We want to look skinny and the bigger the guy, the smaller we feel and the better we look next to you in a picture.

Better cuddling.
No one wants to cuddle with a rock. Or Edward Cullen. The end.

Good eats.
The dad bod says he doesn't meal prep every Sunday night so if you want to go to Taco Tuesday or $4 pitcher Wednesday, he'd be totally down. He's not scared of a cheat meal because he eats just about anything and everything.

You know what you're getting.
Girls tend to picture their future together with their guys early on. Therefore, if he already has the dad bod going on, we can get used to it before we date him, marry him, have three kids. We know what we are getting into when he's got the same exact body type at the age of 22 that he's going to have at 45.

So there you go. A simple break down of why girls everywhere are going nuts over this body type on males. We like it. We love it. We want some more of it. So here's to you dad bods, keep it up. Men, confidently strut that gut on the beach because while you stare at us in our bikinis we will be staring just as hard.

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​Instead Of Blaming Victims Of Domestic Violence, Make A Difference In Your Community​

Create clubs at schools, work with local universities, set up seminars and marches. Start fundraisers and donate to organizations supporting this cause.


When a child is young we teach them to stand up for themselves if they are bullied. We teach them to tell the bully that we don't appreciate how we are treated, or if it gets bad to tell a parent or teacher. Our heart breaks when we see little children bullied.

According to a study, 49% of children between grades 4 and 12 have been bullied. About 71% of people have witnessed someone getting bullied at their school.

Bullying doesn't stop as a child passes school. It gets nastier as we get older. Bullies learn more ways and more styles to bully. There is cyberbullying, physical bullying, sexual bullying, prejudicial bullying, relational bullying, the list goes on. It should be easy for the victims to reach out and get the help and support they need. But as a person is older, it gets harder and harder for them to escape the vicious cycle of abuse. One of the most prevalent and disturbing forms of bullying an adult faces is Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse/Violence doesn't just mean physical abuse but also includes emotional and psychological manipulation and abuse.

Once someone becomes a victim of Domestic Abuse it becomes almost impossible to come out of it. And as bad as it is to be a victim, it is even harder for victims who are also immigrants to this country.

Most women who move to the United States from South Asia come on an H-4 Visa. This means that her stay in the US is dependent upon her husband's. If any crime is committed by the husband he is to be deported back to his home country, which means that the wife too would be deported. This is one of the primary reasons that an immigrant domestic abuse victim does not report the crime, ultimately contributing to the 70% of domestic abuse cases that go unreported.

There is very little support for these women because not only would reporting domestic abuse risk them getting sent back to their home country, they may also lose their child. Social standards, especially in the South Asian culture, makes reporting domestic abuse harder for these women.

There is the negative preconception that women who were in abusive relationships "asked for it" by continuing to stay in the relationship despite early signs of abuse. It is easy to assume that but it is so much more complicated for the woman in the relationship. The relationship is all the woman knows. It is so much more complicated when there is a child involved and the woman is in a new country totally dependent upon the husband to help her. For most South Asian women this is all they know. The culture feeds them that men power and allows the women to be inferior. That's fundamentally wrong. If they divorce their husband they are looked down upon.

To make matters worse, there is a huge language barrier for these women. Many immigrants can't speak or understand proper English and so when they call the police they don't understand what the victim is saying, often mistakenly assuming that they are the criminal and arresting them. More often than not, reporting the case backfires on the victim and she faces negative repercussions. It is a vicious cycle which once a woman is so trapped in, there is almost no way out.

But we, the community, the survivors, can help these women. We can make a difference. We can help support these women when they are in dire need of it. We have to stop putting the blame on the women and fight for them. We have to show that we are accepting of the women and change the incorrect preconceptions we have of domestic abuse victims. In today's day and age, it is not at all hard to start a movement. Share this article, share facts with people. Create clubs at schools, work with local universities, set up seminars and marches. Start fundraisers and donate to organizations supporting this cause.

In Britain, there is already laws that provide a cushion to the victim so he or she can report the crime without the fear of facing the negative repercussions. The U.S. needs this too. We need to push legislators to do something to allow these immigrant domestic abuse victims to report the cases without fear of the personal consequences. Our victims are worth fighting for. Fight for them.

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