10 Things Every Firefighter Girlfriend Can Relate To

10 Things Every Firefighter Girlfriend Can Relate To


Firefighting is unique compared to most jobs and one person who can always attest to this is a firefighter girlfriend. Dating someone who runs into burning buildings for a living, you get used to things that most normal girlfriends don’t ever experience and eventually gain more knowledge about firefighting than you ever thought possible. From lingo to equipment to fire humor, you hear it all and it becomes part of your lifestyle too. Whether your firefighter is a volunteer or a career, a recruit or a chief, here are 10 things that every firefighter girlfriend can relate to.

1. The moment when you’re out with your man, doing normal couple things, and his radio/pager goes off.

You’re out on a date, you’re spending quality time with your man when you hear the dreaded tone of his radio and the static as the dispatcher starts rattling off details about the call. If you’re out in public, everyone turns their heads. Everyone.

2. Always looking for firefighting related gifts.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, you name it, you are always looking for a gift idea related to firefighting. Sweatshirts, homemade gifts, cute trinkets, the list goes on and on. Luckily, Amazon never disappoints!

3. Getting slightly excited when your firefighter asks you if you want to go to the station with him.

Admit it, we all get a little eager. Fire station visits aren’t just interesting for little kids! Walking around and taking in all the different equipment and gear is fun and actually pretty fascinating. The best part? Sitting in an engine with your man and taking cute pics in his helmet, duh!

4. So. Much. Gear.

We love the way our men look in their gear (all 75 pounds of it). And let’s be honest, we’ve all laughed at how they now keep their boots sitting under their jeans, ready to put on at a moment’s notice, even at home.

5. You’re probably one of the few people who isn’t a firefighter who knows there are actually 2 types of fire vehicles.

Yeah, nobody on the street really knows the difference but you sure do! There are fire engines and there are fire trucks. We’ve all been quizzed by our man when one flies by on the street, just to see if we actually pay attention. And we dutifully answer, because we all know that engines pump water and trucks carry the big ladders, right ladies?

6. Every time you hear an emergency siren of any kind, you know exactly what it is.

Fire truck, ambulance and police car sirens are not the same. Go figure!

7. Fire station apparel is a must.

If you’re anything like me, the minute your man tells you the station is doing a bulk order of apparel, of course you have to get some. Repping your firefighter’s station feels kind of like wearing a badge of honor, especially when people ask about it.

8. You get excited when you see a truck or engine on the street when you aren’t with him.

Because it reminds you of your man and the great things he does!

9.Accepting the fact that yes, the man you love is putting his life on the line constantly.

It’s not something that is easy to deal with or understand, especially when you love him so much and care about his safety.

10. But you are so proud and supportive of him anyway.

Saying that your boyfriend is a firefighter feels like saying you’re dating a superhero and people’s reactions to it makes it even more rewarding. At the end of the day, you are proud to be a firefighter girlfriend because you know your man is a hero.

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I Wish I Could Say It Out Loud

The world isn't perfect, and neither are we.
Belle B
Belle B

Note: name and other details have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

P.S. this is a bit...candid.

Alright, buckle down. This is a long one, but I feel like it’s something that needs to be said. It’s not like my coming out story or whatever, it’s just…a journal, of sorts. Not meant to help or hurt anyone, just meant to show the truth. And my truth is, I don't think there is a clear line between straight and gay, or even straight, bi, and gay. A lot of the time, there are little grey areas that people often forget still exist, and where a lot of people find themselves stuck. It's where I...find myself stuck.

I’ll start with the first, of course. This is back when I thought I was in a 100% straight, only-like-penis, never-gonna-touch-a-girl kinda thing... If one of my friends told me they were gay or bi that was totally cool, but I was never gonna go there. I didn’t have that kind of dilemma. So, when a cute guy said he liked me, I like many others, thought an emotional connection also meant a physical one. After I started thinking about my grocery list in bed, I think I figured out that maybe men weren’t all that after all. Not that I acted on this, of course. I let my curious thoughts drift to the back of my mind, and tried not to think about it too much.

There were more guys, more relationships, and not all of them were pretty. That’s okay, we all go through shit and we learn how to cope with it. Maybe I’m one of “those” girls that got turned off of guys because of how shitty they were. I didn’t think so, some of my best friends were all guys, and it wasn’t like I could help what turned me on. It was annoying, to say the least. I didn’t consider myself straight, but I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t think about it too hard because there were way more important things to deal with. At least, I thought they were more important at the time.

Flash forward to college, where I continued to debate whether I liked girls or guys or both. I had this roommate [she who must not be named] and one night in the dorms, she told our whole friend group that she'd slept with her friend Izzy while she was drunk once. I was shocked and I totally freaked out on the inside for no reason. I guess I don't know, this sounds really bad, but I just had never thought about it being so casual like that. Where I grew up, you knew the girls who were gay because they all looked the same and hung out together. It was a classic, stereotype world. My roommate had seemed like me, in a way. And I guess that pushed the thoughts to the front of my mind. That roommate turned out not to like me very much, and we parted angrily in the end. I debated on transferring--and by debate, I mean I wrote out and sent applications to schools back home--but, something told me to stay. I don't know, there was something else.

By the time spring semester of my freshman year came around, I was finally starting to like where I was at. I’d just gotten out of a relationship, I was in a sorority, and I was finally starting to settle in Boulder. This one friend of mine, Samantha, was making plans with me all the time and I didn’t think anything of it. I mean, it’s really different with girls. It’s a joke that best friends get confused for gay couples for a reason.

We’re close!

We laugh, we hug each other, we kiss each other on New Year’s Eve and no one thinks anything of it! Because we’re girls, and girls can do that sometimes without it being considered “out-of-the-ordinary.” Anyway, she invited me over to her apartment to smoke and chill like we had a million times before. I went over, like normal. I can’t even remember what I was wearing. But, I do remember Samantha standing there while I sat on the bed, and I knew something was different.

I felt totally different around her. Yeah, it was probably lust in a full-blown attack of sexual frustration. I didn’t act on it; I needed to think about it and confirm it. I was an anxious thing, and I hated change. Especially when it meant changing who I thought I was.

But, Samantha had confirmed it for me, and it wasn’t something I wanted to keep ignoring. I had been attracted to guys in the past, so the fact that I was also attracted to Samantha meant that I was bi. You liked both sexes, you liked everyone. I thought I liked both. I told my family—my mom’s side, anyway. They were fine, I mean, my uncle’s partner gave me a big smile, so that was nice.

That next fall, I went back to school and jumped full-on into Greek life. I didn’t live in the house, but I basically did. I was there any time in the afternoon until the very early hours of the morning. My poor cat was super lonely, and I felt bad, but I lived alone and sleep isn’t too friendly when the other half of your bed is cold.

I went out for pizza one night and definitely made a fool out of myself in front of the register girl, Lauren. But it was all fine because she had pizza sauce on her face and we both laughed about it. After that, though, I didn’t think anything of her, actually, until I saw her sitting in the front row of my Sociology class. I recognized her, and she recognized me, but neither of us could remember where we'd met. Since we had never had a class together before and had no recollection of where we could have met. Then, I remembered the pizza sauce, and we had this grand old’ moment where we both remembered and it was pretty cute. She was pretty cute.

I decided it was time to grow some balls, and I will deny this to the grave—I even asked a friend for help. I had never been in the position where I had to be the one chasing and lemme tell you, it is interesting. It’s all timed, like an experiment. You have to plan when to say something sweet, when to say something vulnerable, when to say something provocative, etc. It’s all a series of planned reactions and instigated moments. I guess that’s kind of taking the fun out of it because it really is fun, but it definitely is different than just waiting for the feelings to come to you.

I guess this is the part when I tell you I slept with her. I’m not gonna get graphic, don’t worry, but it made me believe that I was right about myself all along. It started with drinks, we were hanging out as friends, of course. You couldn’t tell them it was a date, otherwise, they get scared. It was all a part of the game. I wasn’t too drunk, and I didn’t think she really was, either. Before I seriously comprehended what I was doing, I was kissing her. I had my doubts; I wanted to make sure that it was right. I needed to know that if I let myself go off the edge like that, then I wouldn’t be alone when I hit the ground. I didn’t think I would be, so I fell.

There’s this painting on my wall—I can’t say for sure when I did it, but it had to have been after everything was done. There’s a branch for each of the seasons. Summer: a pair of birds shoulder to shoulder, Fall: one bird standing alone, while the other stands just off to the side, Winter: a single bird, sitting on the branch alone, Spring: that little bird still rests on the branch, only this time, the other bird peeks in, just for a moment, letting you know that she’s still there. That’s what it was like for me; finding who I was supposed to be, who I was supposed to be with, and watching it slip through my fingers just enough to think I'd lost, before it stops and looks back at me with a smirk, as if to ask, is that all you got?

I moved on after that realization, but I was in full pursuit. I wanted to find a girl, and I wanted to find one fast. Of course, this one-track mindset backfired quickly when I hooked up with a friend—a guy. He had asked me to go to the zoo with a group of his friends, but I had to work the next night and couldn’t go. Instead of leaving the situation as it was, I let him run his hands over my legs and I said yes when he asked if he could kiss me. I didn’t mind it, but there was a part of me that wasn’t satisfied. I was enjoying myself, but it didn’t feel right. It felt like I was going against who I said I was. I didn’t stay very long after that, and when he asked me if I would be with him I politely declined, waiting for something that I figured was supposed to happen.

I couldn’t stop thinking about women. I was a machine, searching every party just a little bit longer than necessary. One night, I found one. I took her home with me and I...got it out of my system. At the same time…I couldn’t help wishing that she would do something else, be someone else. I definitely felt comfortable with her as a woman, the kind of person I was attracted to, but even if my body was enjoying itself, my head was telling me that it wasn’t right. I drove Anna, the girl from the party, home early the next day, and I retreated.

I thought, what’s going on with me? I knew I was attracted to women—that was easy enough to figure out—but even when I was with one, it wasn’t enough. I guess you could say that I’m trying to figure it out. I mean, I knew I was into girls, that much was clear, and I’d already mentioned that I was bi, however, I felt like the there was no guy in my future ever again. I called myself bi because I wanted to have sex with women, but I always envisioned myself married to a man. Now, I only want a wife that I can laugh with and that I can make happy. As far as I was concerned, I wanted nothing to do with men ever again.

I guess you could say I’ve improved. My friends ask sometimes, what who I'm into, but I just say that I like who I like. I don’t know if I only want to be with women for the rest of my life, but I know that I do not want to limit myself to men. So, I like who I like. There’s no black and white boxes, no straight or gay line. It’s called a spectrum for a reason, and I would put myself in the center of the grey area. You don’t need to just be one kind of person; one thing. You can be in the grey area, like me, and just not decide. I told you sometimes people get stuck, but I think it's more of a place. Everybody has a place. Follow how you feel, not how others think you should feel—remember that.

Cover Image Credit: rawpixel
Belle B
Belle B

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The Bachelor Season 22, Episode 8 Recap

He loves them. He loves them not.

With The Bachelor finale rapidly approaching, everyone is placing their bets on who will receive the final rose.

Let me start off by saying I think we were all equally shocked and disappointed to see Tia be sent home. This sassy southern belle has everything going for her! For Tia's hometown, she chose a date that represented a combination of her country roots and Aries love for cars (swoon, how thoughtful). Tia put herself out there and made sure Arie did not doubt that she had completely fallen for him. But in the end, it was not enough.

Although I am sad to see her go, I have a feeling we may see her in the future. Cough cough: Bachelorette Season 14 anyone?

This leaves Kendall, Becca, and Lauren.

Ahh, Kendall. The quirky one of the bunch. I have to be honest, at the start of the season, I did not see Kendall stealing Aries' heart. But by focusing on her relationship with Arie and ignoring the drama surrounding other women, she was able to secure her spot in the final three.

This being said, I do not see them together long-term. Arie was clearly uncomfortable during her hometown date. I mean mounting costumed dead rats in an Eiffel Tower diorama is not every guy's dream. Arie even called it, "some Silence of the Lambs stuff."

More important than this though is the fact that Kendall is not ready to get engaged. In a normal dating setting, there would be nothing wrong with this, but this is the Bachelor. Getting engaged is kind of a key element. If you ask me, she is the next one to go.

Becca is the obvious choice. Prior to the show, she was in a seven-year relationship, so there is no denying she is ready for commitment. She is mature, grounded, and comes from a strong family.

At the start of her hometown date, Becca's mom seems skeptical. However, she eventually agrees to give Arie her blessing and says "I really like you!" It is not hard to see the pair living happily ever after!

On to Lauren Burnham, otherwise known as Lauren Bushnell's doppelganger. I want to like her so badly, but she continues to be completely unengaging. Maybe she is just camera shy, but that is one major flaw when participating in a reality television show.

Lauren struggled opening up to Arie, but something about her makes him want to keep her around. When the time comes to meet her family, Arie says he is approaching his level of stress for the Indy 500. Rightfully so, because things were awkward at first. The family dynamic was clearly a different vibe than Arie was used to. But by the end of the night, Arie formed a connection with Lauren's father and came out unscathed from another hometown.

For as dull as Arie is, he managed to pick a solid final three. I have placed my bet on who the winner is, but only time will tell which lady stole Arie's heart.

Cover Image Credit: Youtube

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