10 Things College Students Would Rather Talk About At Thanksgiving Other Than Finals
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10 Things College Students Would Rather Talk About At Thanksgiving Other Than Finals

"10. Literally anything else."

10 Things College Students Would Rather Talk About At Thanksgiving Other Than Finals

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of food and family-and a flood of questions. Many people only see this certain side of family when it comes to Thanksgiving or Christmas, and both sides are full of questions which is great. However, when it comes to college kids, school might be a sore subject. Midterms just happened, a hundred projects are due the day after we get back, finals are just around the corner, and there are only two weeks until the semester ends. So, while asking the typical "how's school?" question is appreciated, here are a few other things we millennials like to talk about as well.

1. Dogs.

If you ask any college kids about the dogs they see on campus, you'll see the light in their eyes gleam. While college can have it's rough and terrible days, the campus dogs are a guaranteed mood lifter. Ask us about the golden retriever we saw catch frisbies on the quad and not what classes we are potentially struggling with.

2. Gossip.

Now, we deal with a lot of this at school between co-workers, friends, friend groups, majors, etc. However, we have been missing in action for around four months now. So, fill us in on the neighbor's new girlfriend, or the family's latest scandal, or even your boss's' health concerns. We have fallen out of the loop a little, so go ahead and catch us up. Our ears are waiting.

3. Hobbies.

College is the best place to learn what you truly love because you begin really blossoming into your own person. Since we have moved out and have begun discovering ourselves, it is no surprise that we have lost some of our old passions and picked up new ones. So, just ask, we'll gladly tell.

4. Old memories.

With all of the family around, it might be a first Thanksgiving without a loved one, it might be the first Thanksgiving with a new addition to the family, or it might be the first Thanksgiving in a new house. Whatever the case may be, use the time together as a family to talk about old traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. Talk about how your first Thanksgiving break is different from your grandparents college Thanksgiving break.

5. Christmas.

Well, after Thanksgiving, it's only a matter of time before the most wonderful time of the year is here. Lights, Christmas trees, christmas music, hot chocolate and fire places, and little Christmas shops popping up all over the city. There is no greater time than awaiting to hear the story of the birth of Jesus on Christmas Eve, so, don't talk about Stat 200, but the excitement the Christmas season brings.

6. Food.

There is nothing more to say other than talking about chicken nuggets is a guaranteed conversation keeper. That is all.

7. Campus life.

Academics and campus life are two totally different things. Here is a little lesson on the two: academics is what happens inside the classroom. Campus life is everything that happens outside the classroom. I'm sure your college kid has a story of two they would share whether it is about roommates, the food, a sports game, etc.

8. School clubs.

Clubs are always fun to talk about because sometimes it's a club you never thought they would do, let alone enjoy. But, sometimes, it's nice to talk about a school clubs because for the college student, it's a way to boost their confidence in a "hey, look what I did" sort of way. Whether running the club, being on the executive board, or just a member, being apart of something is a prideful thing that should be shown off.

9. Black Friday shopping.

Us college kids are broke. So, when we start seeing the sales for Black Friday, we suddenly become little kids again. Not only can we finally afford Christmas gifts for our loved ones, we get to hang out, one-on-one, with the ones who share the shopping genes as us.

10. Literally anything else.

I know I personally could talk about whatever for hours because I have been called a "chatty Cathy" a time or two. But, I know the same goes for most students as well. As finals come closer, the more nervous we get for them. So, talking about literally anything else other than the final test our courses will offer would be not only appreciated, but encouraged.

So, please don't ask about grades or finals because we don't even know what we don't even know. We do know that we love pie, we love dogs, and we love y'all, our family, unconditionally.

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