10 Things College Students Are All Guilty Of

It's been a month or two into college so you've probably noticed some of the guilty habits you've developed by now. Let's be real here, we can all admit to the following ten things...

1. Taking WAY too much food from the dining hall

2. Eating ramen one way too many times a week


3. Crashing over unannounced at a friend's dorm

4. Uncontrollably dropping dollar bills

No wonder why you're always broke!

5. Procrastinating

Homework? What's that??

6. Binging on Stranger Things

7. Going out on a Thursday night

YOLO! Am I right?

8. Cutting class

9. Ordering delivery when there's free food in the dining hall

10. Not sleeping enough but then napping way too much

At least you know you're not alone... right?

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