So for band camp, my high school goes out of town to the middle of nowhere. This year, they were at a new location but still far away from home. So for a week, I was an "only child" again with my brother at band camp for his sophomore year. But I would say there were some things that I was happy about with being the "only child" for a week.

1. I didn't have to pick him up or drop him off for band practice.

2. I got to hog one of the two televisions and not have to worry about what to watch with him around.

3. Not sharing food with him.

4. He is not annoying me when I ask him to do something.

5. I could take naps without being interrupted by him.

6. I could watch Buzzfeed Unsolved without question.

7. He's not there to make fun of me for listening to Kpop.

8. I was the center of attention for my parents.

9. I didn't have to worry about him.

But I wanted him alive.

10. But I would thank God that I have a brother to see when he came home.