10 Things You're Doing That Totally Ruin Your Server's Life

10 Things You're Doing That Totally Ruin Your Server's Life

Some things to keep in mind to not make your server cry.

If you're a server, you know all of these things toooo well. Here are 10 things all servers can't stand!

1. When your kids destroy the entire restaurant

Now, I don't hate kids or babies... but when working in the service industry they tend to create the biggest mess. Cudos to the parents who clean up after their kids, but to the ones who left an empty bag of breast milk on my table.. f ***you

2. When you're EXTRA

Me: "Hi, what can I get you started with to drink?"

Customer: "Hi, I'll have a water with extra lemon and a blue moon with 5 oranges"

SERIOUSLY? You can go to Meijer and get a whole bag of fruit but instead, you come here and irritate me AND the bartender.

3. When you don't give me a chance to speak

Me: "Hi, what can I get yo-"

Customer: "WATER."

4. When the food takes longer than expected and you take it out on me

I understand getting hangry... (trust me, I get that way more times I'd like to admit) but when you come into a restaurant that makes everything from scratch/made to order understand that it might take a minute. Also, DON'T come in if you are in a crunch for time. The world doesn't revolve around you and you will be taken care of it doesn't meet your expectations.

5. When all the high-schoolers pay with a $20 bill

I'm delighted you chose the restaurant I work at to spend your Friday night after the football game, but when you're ALL in a hurry and ALL pay with a $20 bill realize it's going to take me a minute to give all 17 of you change.

6. Vegan/GF/on a diet

I get it, you're vegan or GF. I'll always try to answer any menu questions to the best of my ability but when it comes down to "whats all in this sauce?" "how many calories are in this?" "does this topping contain gluten?" I DON'T KNOW. Please research the menu before coming out to eat, it's not my job to know absolutely everything about your food problems.

After all, I just work here so I can support my own shitty eating habits.

7. When you're on your phone

I get it, its the 21st century and cellphones are consuming our lives but when I'm trying to sit food down in front of you and your phone is in the way it's just flat out rude. Not to mention when you ignore me because you're too busy posting on Facebook that you forget your server is standing right in front of you trying to take your oder.

8. When you try to help clean up but really you're just making a bigger mess

It's the thought that counts, but it really just sucks when I'm busy and then I have to dig through stacks of plates and napkins just to find one fork. Next time, leave it to the busser.

9. Stiffing or poor tips

Hi, I make $4.05 an hour and I come to work with a good attitude and do everything in my power to give you great service. I rely on this tip. This tip feeds me, pays my bills and my rent. Consider this before coming out to eat with no money to tip. To the people who understand this and tip 20%, luv ya!

10. When you need three drinks per person

There is no need for an orange juice, water and a coffee. For the love of God, just pick one!

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To The Nursing Major

Is it all worth it?

"You're going to feel like quitting. You're going to struggle. You'll have days where you'll wonder, 'what's it all for?' You'll have days when people attempt to break you down, or challenge your intelligence, skills and right to be where you are. You'll have moments when you question your own abilities, and perhaps your sanity - but you'll rise. You'll rise, because your strength as a nurse is not determined by one grade, one shift or one job - it's an ongoing journey of learning, honor, humility and a chance to make even the smallest difference in the lives of your patients."

Don't ever give up on achieving your dreams to be a nurse. Keep pushing forward, no matter how hard it is. Nursing is not an easy major. You will have very little, if any, time to do anything other than study. But just think about how great it will feel to connect with a patient, pray with them, and even save his or her life. This will make all of the late night studying, weekly breakdowns, countless cups of coffee, and tests so hard all you want to do is cry, worth it. To see a patient's face light up when you walk in his or her room will make your heart melt and you'll know you chose the right major.

The kind of nurse you will be isn't based on a test grade, it's based on your heart for the people you are caring for. You may have failed a class, but don't let that ruin you. Try again and keep pushing toward your goal. Don't allow others around you to drag you down and tell you you aren't good enough to be a nurse. Show them how strong you are and that you will never give up. There will be days when all you want to do is quit, I know I question my major more than once a week; however, there is a patient out there that needs you and your caring heart. You can do this, have faith in yourself that you can move mountains.

I will say that you definitely must have a heart for nursing. Personally, I want to be a Pediatric Oncologist and work at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Just the thought of those precious children going through the hardest part of their lives, keeps me going so that I can be there for them. I want to be a light to my patients and their families during a dark time. When I feel like giving up, I just think about how many lives I have the chance to touch and I keep on going. So when you feel like giving up, just think about your future patients and how you can make a difference, even if its only for one person. I love the quote from Katie Davis that states, "I will not change the world, Jesus will do that. But I can change the world for one person. So I will keep loving, one person at a time." Even though this quote is about foreign missions, I believe it fits the mold for nursing as well. Nurses have the opportunity to change the world for people everyday. Just remember that, smile, don't give up, and keep pushing toward your goal.

Cover Image Credit: chla.org

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10 things no one tells you about taking an Online class

Online or on campus, school is still school.


While school has been out for most people, it isn't for me. This summer I decided to take a couple of classes. Both of which involved class online. My first class was a hybrid class, meaning it was half in person and half online, and my second class is entirely online. I expected class online to be like the busy practice work we get from the access codes in our textbooks, and boy was a wrong.

So let me tell you what no one tell you about taking an online class.

1. You constantly have to check in with your professor and classmates.

While you don't see them in person, you are constantly writing and replying to discussion board posts.

2. It's so much harder to focus on the material.

Trying to focus on your laptop, or tablet screen without checking your social media or going online shopping, is almost impossible. The temptation to switch open another tab and go off topic is crazy.

3. There's no slowing down, everything has a set deadline.

Typically, in an traditional in-person class, if the class isn't understanding something the professor can move deadlines for assignments, but online everything is set in stone.

4. You need great time management skills.

Don't get me wrong, I have pretty great time management skills between all my classes and working full-time, but online classes come with a lot more work, considering you aren't constricted by classroom time, traffic, weather and campus problems.

5. There's so much more class work.

On top of having to reading 20 chapters, you have questions in every section of every chapter that you need to answer, end of chapter questions, videos that you need to watch, homework assignments, vocabulary, test/quizzes/exams, and papers. Mind you the tests/quizzes/exam and papers are after every single chapter. I don't know about you but in my classes that actually meet in person, I have never had to answer any questions at the end of each section or chapter, and my tests/quizzes/exams where grouped into multiple chapters, not after every single chapter.

6. You still need to take notes.

Some assignments don't allow you to stop and look for the answer and you can't open another tab and Google the answer and scroll forever because you're being timed on the assignment. Writing notes down will help you remember the information.

7. If you learn hands on, you're going to have a harder time.

If you're a hands on learner, an online class might not be for you. There's nothing hands on about sitting in front of a computer screen.

8. You still have to study.

Like I said before, when you're doing an assignment and you can't stop and you're being timed, it helps to have studied the information before hand.

9. Technology can be a major problem.

Websites crash and run super slow sometimes and there's nothing that we can do about it. You just have to work through it and be patient. So don't do your work last minute, you never know when the website will be down!!

10. You are 100% responsible for everything.

While yes you are responsible for most of your traditional classes, you still have the professor to lecture and teach, but online you're teaching yourself everything.

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