10 Things All College Students with Jobs Understand

College sucks, but when you're working a part-time job in addition to classes, homework, and extracurriculars, it's even worse. Here are some signs that you know the struggle that is working in college:

1. You miss out on social events constantly.

Oh, there's a football game this weekend? Can't go. A party? Sorry, I got called in. And so forth...

2. You show up to class in your work uniform all the time.

I'm pretty sure my entire class thinks I only own one awful outfit.

3. You're always trying to figure out a way to do homework/study while working.

Otherwise, you'll spend the entire shift thinking about how much work you have to do later.

4. You dread being scheduled during midterms/finals week.

5. You make lots of stupid purchases because of your income.

I don't need any of this... but I can buy it. So I should.

6. People assume that because you have a job, you aren't broke.

I AM BROKE!!!! I am making minimum wage and all of my money goes toward college. Goodbye.

7. You schedule all of your classes to make it easier for working.

Oh, you really wanted to get into that class on Russia? Too bad, it's in the middle of a work shift. Try again next year!

8. When classes are over, your day is just beginning.

Life is an endless cycle of class, work, and more class. Then work.

9. Late nights are even later.

Sometimes, when you're just getting started, your friends are going to bed.

10. You live your life based on when you're getting paid.

This is a universal truth, but it's especially real when you can't afford that cup of coffee.

So, sometimes working in college is the ~worst~. The money is pretty nice though. Hang in there, folks.

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