10 Thank You's To My Roommate

One of the biggest adjustments of college is learning to share a 5x5 shoebox with another human being. The dorm experience is a necessary evil, but a roommate can make it so much better. I got lucky and ended up getting randomly assigned to my best friend. She's made college so much easier, and living with a best friend is so much more fun! So in honor of our wonderful four months of friendship and roommate-ship, here are a few well-deserved thank you's from me, to Maisee.

1. Thank you for pushing your quirky sayings on me.

"I just took an L," "no bueno," and "it's a bad time" are phrases I utter daily now.

2. Thank you for bumping music and dancing whenever I'm having a bad/boring night.

5. Thank you for helping me come out of my shell and meet new friends.

6. Thank you for always handing me a bottle of water after a night out.

7. Thank you for teaching me that my health is a process, I can't be perfect every day and that's OK.

8. Thank you for always having my back.

9. Thank you for recording all the times I've been dumb for all your Snapchat to see.

10. Thank you for being my best friend, my sister and my roommate. I'm glad we were randomly assigned to each other.

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