Target is the one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs. They've got food, and cleaning supplies, shoes, workout attire, electronics; you name it, they've got it...most likely. I'm guilty as charged; I'm a Target-holic and I'm proud. Here are a few things all of us Target lovers know to be true.

1. You go into buy one thing, and you walk out with what feels like the entire store.

2. That smell of the Target popcorn you'll never buy as you walk in the door...mmm so good.

3. Walking down the aisles becomes therapeutic.

4. Target is a whole new ballgame...they have EVERYTHING you could ever want and everything you don't need.

5. Yet, we still buy those products we know we will never use but convince ourselves we need them anyway.

6. And now we have a bunch of Target impulse purchases sitting in our closets collecting dust.

7. The Cartwheel app has changed the game and spending more has never felt so fun.

8. But even with the discounts from Cartwheel, the price always breaks your heart a little bit.

9. So yes, our wallets may be run dry after a trip to Target, but we still regret nothing!

10. Because Target competes with Disney for being the happiest place on Earth.