10 Things All Target Lovers Know To Be True

10 Things All Target Lovers Know To Be True

10. Target competes with Disney for being the happiest place on Earth.

Target is the one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs. They've got food, and cleaning supplies, shoes, workout attire, electronics; you name it, they've got it...most likely. I'm guilty as charged; I'm a Target-holic and I'm proud. Here are a few things all of us Target lovers know to be true.

1. You go into buy one thing, and you walk out with what feels like the entire store.

2. That smell of the Target popcorn you'll never buy as you walk in the door...mmm so good.

3. Walking down the aisles becomes therapeutic.

4. Target is a whole new ballgame...they have EVERYTHING you could ever want and everything you don't need.

5. Yet, we still buy those products we know we will never use but convince ourselves we need them anyway.

6. And now we have a bunch of Target impulse purchases sitting in our closets collecting dust.

7. The Cartwheel app has changed the game and spending more has never felt so fun.

8. But even with the discounts from Cartwheel, the price always breaks your heart a little bit.

9. So yes, our wallets may be run dry after a trip to Target, but we still regret nothing!

10. Because Target competes with Disney for being the happiest place on Earth.

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20 Items Every College Girl Goes To Target For At Some Point In Every Semester

Target is a gift from God.

Target is literally a gift from the gods.

If you beg to differ, please stop reading, I will not hear anything bad about it. I mean, who could hate it, most of them have a Starbucks in them and they now have the fancy cup holders that you can attach to your cart!! I can go to Target just to walk around, spend three hours doing so and walk out with a pack of gum. I think that it should literally be considered one of the Wonders of the World it is that amazing.

That being said, Target plays to the college-age demographic HEAVILY! They have good prices, wonderful customer service, AMAZING hours of operation- literally, the Target in Kennesaw is open until midnight on Saturdays- and they offer everything a girl could need. Here a just a few of them:

1. Calendars

Large planners, regular sized planners, pocket planners, wall calendars, dry erase calendars, they make them all just for you! AND they have them for all price ranges, you can get a wall calendar for $3 or one for $20, the choice is yours. But these are so amazing because what girl doesn't want to pretend to have her life together?

2. Pens/Pencils

With every color imaginable offered, whether it is in store or online, this will make taking notes, or writing in your planner that much more enjoyable.

3. Leggings

What girl doesn't love stretchy pants that you can wear with an oversized t-shirt to class and then a cute sweater to dinner with the girls? I'll wait.

4. Workout Clothes

Again, pretending to have your life together involves pretending you workout every day.

5. Candles

So. Many. To. Choose. From. Whatever scent you like, you can find in the majestic aisle of candles, but be warned you will want more than one.

6. Blankets

I think they literally use clouds to make them they are so soft.

7. Pillows

Decorative or just ones for your bed, they make them all for such a wonderful price.

8. Anything from the home goods section actually

Especially with Chip and Joanna's new line.

9. Or anything from the dollar spot

Cute string lights, fuzzy socks, holiday decorations, this section is literally meant to decorate your dorm room on a budget.

10. Snacks

They literally make the best pickles in a pouch, believe me or don't believe me- please don't believe me so I can keep them all to myself.

11. New books

Between offering all of the hottest celeb books to self-help/motivation, they have anything you could ever want to read.

12. Bathing Suits

I don't know about all Targets but, all of the ones I go to have some year-round so you never have to go on that winter cruise without a new bikini.

13. MUGS

Because what college girl isn't obsessed with drinking coffee or tea?

14. E.L.F.

Eyes. Lips. Face. They offer everything you could want for a FANTASTIC price AND they DON'T test on animals AND are a CRUELTY-FREE brand.

15. And all of the other makeup they have to offer

Want the new NYX color, they have it. Want the newest face masks, they have it.

16. Vitamins

Again, what would a grown adult do without their vitamins? It just makes you feel extra that you got them at Target.

17. Plants

From the dollar spot or not, you feel like you have a real green thumb when you look around and see all of the greenery in your dorm (even though half of them are probably fake).

18. Organizational Shit

From sticky notes, to file folders, to filing cabinets, they have you covered from your first step to your last.

19. Anything with an inspirational quote on it

Because starting your morning with something that will make you smile is worth spending your money.


Honestly, anything that you find at Target is probably worth your money, and if it isn't I'll still buy it anyway because it came from Target.

Cover Image Credit: Shelby Church//YouTube

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11 Things People Don't Tell You About Working Retail, Until It's TOO Late

Nobody tells you what really happens when you start working there.

Working retail is a very common first job for most people.

However, nobody tells you what really happens when you start working there. Wide-eyed and excited to start making money, we don’t really know what we are getting ourselves into. Here is the truth about working retail.

1. You will poke yourself with a sensor, run into a fixture or shelf, or drop something EVERY SINGLE SHIFT.

2. Customers will watch you fold something right in front of them, then pick it up and throw it in a pile right after you do.

3. When you try to be friendly and greet customers as they walk in, they won’t respond. So, what else is there to do but scream “HAVE A NICE DAY” when they walk out?

4. You’ll be trying to put items back and won’t be able to remember where they came from. Only when you ask your coworkers, you’ll find out you were standing right next to the right place the whole time.

5. Customers always think they are right, but guess what? They usually aren’t.

6. You have to pretend to laugh at every customer who brings up an item without a tag and jokes, “That means it’s for free, right?” It’s awful.

7. More dumb jokes. The occasional dad will make one about how there should be a discount on a ripped pair of jeans. “No, sir. They are supposed to be that way.”

8. Customers think they are entitled to every discount and coupon in the book, and get angry when those discounts cannot apply to them.

9. The next eye roller is when customers claim they found an item in the clearance section. “Listen, we just put that out today. There’s no WAY it’s from clearance.”

10. Oh, by the way, your break won’t be long enough to get food and relax, so you’ll have to pick one. Either scarf your food down quick so you can clock back in on time or go without so you can get off your feet.

11. I don’t care if you have your arms full, you drop everything to help a customer.

All in all, you have some pretty great co-workers that help your shifts so much more enjoyable.

Cover Image Credit: Igor Ovsyannykov

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