10 Sure Fire Signs You Finally Got Your Shit Together
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10 Sure Fire Signs You Finally Got Your Shit Together

Feels good, doesn't it?

10 Sure Fire Signs You Finally Got Your Shit Together

There’s a fine line between thinking you’ve got it all figured out and actually putting all of that life experience to good use. We’ve all been through struggles and made some bad decisions, but if these 10 things sound like you, you can rest assured that you’ve actually, finally got your shit together.

1. You own your choices.

You know that not everyone will agree with your decisions and you’re OK with that. You stand behind your choices because they’re the right ones for you. Even if the outcome isn’t all that pretty, you still hold your head high and maintain your confidence.

2. You’re done competing with your friends.

A sure sign of maturity? No longer feeling the need to make your friendships a competition. If you don’t get jealous when your friend has a good date or snags an amazing new job, you’re definitely next-level mature. A nice bonus? Your friendships will deepen because they’ll be built on mutual respect instead of jealousy.

3. You think first, then act.

Skipping out on a party or volunteering as the designated driver because you have big exam the next day? Re-reading the email you’re writing to your professor to make sure there are no typos? Face-planting into a salad instead of an entire chocolate cake because you know you’ll feel better after? If you can think before you act, congrats -- you’ve got your shit together.

4. You’re not glued to your iPhone.

Everyone is way too attached to their iPhones these days. You can set yours aside for an evening or even an entire weekend afternoon. It’s amazing how free you feel when you realize that missing a few Facebook updates or texts isn’t going to end your world.

5. You give your parents advice.

When the roles are reversed and you start viewing your parents as real, actual human beings who need advice sometimes, it’s a pretty crazy feeling. It’s even cooler when they listen to you and think you’re an amazing advice giver.

6. You validate yourself.

You don’t need your BFFs to tell you your new haircut looks awesome and you could care less about what your anyone thinks of your new outfit. You validate yourself and you don’t need anyone else’s opinion. You’re not offended when someone thinks differently from you because you get that it’s just part of life.

7. Nothing is life or death.

The moment you realize that the next decision you make won’t exactly make or break your entire life is the moment you truly grow up. How many times did you stress over whether or not to text a guy or whether to quit the job you hate? Probably more times than you’re willing to admit.

8. You know good things take time.

If you’re still solo, you know it’s impossible to wake up tomorrow with a new boyfriend. If you’re in a relationship, you know a real lasting connection takes a while to build and that your dreams of true love won’t just materialize out of thin air.

9. You’re over gossip.

You’re totally done with the idea that you should build yourself up by putting down other women. Gossip isn’t fun, it’s super mean, and you have more important things to chat about with your friends or coworkers.

10. You’re happy right here, right now.

Sure, you might be happier with a nicer apartment, a higher-paying job, hair that didn’t frizz the moment you tried to straighten it. But you’re pretty happy where you are in your life. You don’t feel bad about supposed failures or things you just haven’t had a chance to accomplish yet. Congrats, you’ve got your shit together. Feels good, right?

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