10 Struggles of Left Handers
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10 Struggles of Left Handers

no easy task living in a world made for righties.

10 Struggles of Left Handers
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Being a lefty in a world made for righties has been no easy task. Lefties unfortunately only make up 10% of the population. However even if the world is 90% righty, that doesn't mean we should be forgotten! So for all my fellow lefties that struggle living in a right-handed world, this is for you!

1. Pencil and Pen Smears

Writing is one of the worst tasks for lefties. Pens and Pencils smear on the daily painting our pinky and hand with pencil or ink.

2. Chalkboards and Dry Erase Boards

Not only do we smear with pencil and pens, but going up to the board in class was a nightmare. Growing up I hated going to the board to write because half my answer would be erased or smeared.

3. Scissors

I had to learn to cut righty because there was never an lefty scissors and they are rare in the stores.

4. Binders

How does a lefty even write in these things??? Inventors of them were probably like good luck trying to fit your arm between the rings! Literally had to hold my arm in the most awkward positions just to be able to write in them without taking the pages out.

5. Notebooks

These are just as much of a struggle. Constantly getting notebook ring imprints are the side of our arms.

6. Lefty Desks

To be honest, I didn't even know these things existed until I took the ACT and the proctor asked if I wanted a lefty desk. WHY DID NO ONE OFFER ME ONE IN HIGH SCHOOL? Here I was just suffering with my arm hanging off the desk. And why do schools have like maybe 1 of them? Discrimination in my opinion!

7. Constantly bumping arms with people at the dinner table

No one wants to sit with you because of this. My team would put all the lefties at the same table at dinner because everyone got sick of bumping arms with us.

8. Never being able to find a lefty glove or golf clubs

LEFTIES ARE PEOPLE TOO. Thank God I had to switch to throw righty because I broke my elbow and wrist, but seriously I remember stores having like one kind of glove or golf club for the lefties, while the righties got so many different choices.

9. Feeling like a loner

I remember growing up my teacher always got confused with teaching me things because I was a lefty and would make me feel like such a loner. Or my coaches wouldn't know how to demonstrate things lefty. There's like 10% lefties in the world so unless you're a lefty, you don't get the struggle!

10. The things people say when you're a lefty

THAT'S GREAT YOUR UNCLE TIM WAS A LEFTY. People literally say the weirdest things when they find out you're a lefty. "OMG you're left handed?" or "My friend/neighbor/uncle/etc, was a lefty". Over it.

While it's super cool to be an anomaly, it is super difficult to live in a world made for righties. We're people too ya know!! At the end of the day though, I wouldn't change the pen smears, the silly comments, or struggling to make my way in this world for anything. #LeftyPower

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